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  1. As above, water ingress from the high-level brake light or aerial. Suggest the only remedy is to get them out and apply silicone gunge around them in an effort to keep the water out! All the best. B
  2. Hi, Interesting read.......... had the same issues this was the remedy, follow all videos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwU_JsSfviA
  3. Had the wife's Aygo for 4 years, the back always leaked water, there is a video on You Tube by an old boy that covers it....Use gundge on the following : Take out antennna and use the mastic on the underside, do the same on the rear high level tail light. Buy the rubber self adhesive tubing refenced in the video, stick it to the door frames ( mine was a 2 door) and stick it on the rear glass hatch frame surround. as in double the existing rubber seals. Not expensive, not difficult......... just but a bit time consuming. It works.
  4. Mark, Good man, exactly what I needed! Regards, B
  5. Eygo, Many thanks for the reply, was gonna use red rubber grease ( I read it somewhere).any idea where the bushes are or is it gonna be obvious ( I'm replacing discs and pads at the same time.......) Thanks again, B..
  6. Got an issue with split front anti roll bar bushes on the wife's 07 Aygo, I've purchased replacement bushes from Euro car parts Anyone done the job previously, are the bushes easy to get at, anything to watch for, how long to do the job. Thanks in anticipation. B
  7. Further update......motor started making growling noises with stop/start action, made a few phones calls............eventually had a guy replace the motor ( I supplied the new motor via Eurocarparts) for £150! Job done ( He had to drop the clutch pedal!)
  8. I suggest yo apply some PTFE tape onto the wiper thread, makesit a lot easier when replacing the wiper again!
  9. Had a further look, the screws in question are plastic, can I just get a flat bladed screw driver under the head and lever them out?
  10. Many thanks for your reply Mick. Further to posting on the Club, I scouted around the net, where it was suggested the wheel arch ones are on plastic and are just pushed in.....or in this case I have to pull out!i I have everything loose apart from these two little buggers on the sides! I wa going to use a flat headed screwdriver and just lever them out! ( watching the Brackets as you suggest!) B
  11. Taking the front bumper off the wife's 07 plate aygo........everything ok apart from the wheel arch screws Are they philips, torx or do I just get behind them and pull them out.?Any assist would be appreciated as I have everything off bar the sides! o
  12. 24 hours and still working, who's the daddy?..............just hoping, I don't have to eat those words, They'll find me in a corner in tears Keeping my fingers crossed.......( and my wallet.crossed and closed........) Like a few words with the balloon that designed that heater motor on the triplets......eedgit!
  13. eygo, Aye, but only an Englishman can afford that, I'm only a poor Scot........ Thanks for all the input Guys B
  14. Okay further update. Put power the motor ..nothing..put power to the new heater .works, so nothing wrong with wiring........ Pulled the motor out as much as it will come before it hit the clutch pedal bracket.....then phoned a pal who suggested that the brushes might be stuck and holding off the commutator, sprayed down the electrical connection aperture with wd 40 and banged the back end of the motor with a hammer.hey presto, it's working.......... Here's hoping it will continue......I'll wait for a while before I resell the new Motor......... A word of advice if your Aygo Heater motor fails.........book 3 days off to fix the bugger!.
  15. Please find the Post that covers the problematic issue........ Pray your Heater motor always works!
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