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  1. hi there , i just fitted an amp under the driver seat in me 2000 e11 corolla 2day, what u need is a amp wiring kit u can pick 1 up from most car shops or ebay, u will get a small blue wire a big red cable and a short medium black or brown cable, you have to put the red cable to the possitive battery terminal to the 12v spot on the amp, the black/brown short cable earths to the boddy of the car anywhere u find possible, and the thin blue wire is the remote which turns amp on when u turn on the car and off when its turned off, u connect the blue wire to a blue and white coloured wire which u will find leading into ur aftermarket stereo,den u splice the blue and white wire and wrap the blue wire around the spliced wire. then u need a rca cable its comes in the amp wiring kit sumtimes nd connect it to the back of the stereo and into the amp , den simple connect speakers if desired , heres sum images of mine its tidyer now
  2. very nice e11 paul wish my facelift saloon model was dat nice, atm its a project im doing den hopefully an everyday driver 4 me :) nd thnx
  3. hi im also a honda intusiast but bought a toyota corolla just to try sumting different
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums Adam Doyle :)

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