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  1. My goodness you are correct . The whole system is totally independent of the phone. I don't know if I'm impressed or scared by the technology 🤔
  2. I have a real Mystery that I can't work out. I did quite a long trip yesterday with my Android phone in the car but phone was SWITCHED OFF. Not even plugged in to USB . Just sat in cup holder. When I look at MyT app all the details of the trip, map , times, average speed , braking etc are there. How is this possible ? Maybe I'm going nuts... I'll give it another try to be sure. Any thoughts?
  3. So far no problems but limited use maybe to establish how reliable the app is. I am on Android so any issue affecting IOS may not apply and vice versa. However, it has to be said that from what you have described the issues seem to be at the Toyota server end. When I say say "no problems" that isn't strictly true. I think I discovered a "feature". Last night I was held at a set of 3 way traffic lights for nearly 5 minutes. The lights were in a notorious local mobile blackspot. This seemed to confuse the hell out of the app which didn't pick up journey monitoring once 4G was resumed. When I got home the app said the car was parked where I had previously parked it 5 miles away and despite being parked on my drive reported "the car is currently moving". However everything reset and all was fine this morning on my journey into work . I even did a bit of hard braking to ensure the app captured it and it was spot on. But to answer your question. Yes, I can assure you any issues , Toyota will know about it ! Me and their Support Team are old friends ha ha
  4. I have just taken delivery of my new Aygo X-Clusiv Bi Tone. This will be my third Aygo so you could say I'm a big fan. A bit frustrating not to be able to go anywhere at the moment but I have already noticed during a few short runs that it is quieter than my previous ( 2018) model. The paint finish is worth a particular mention. The pearlescent Scarlet Flare has a real depth to it and is flawless. The MyT connected services are really clever as well as a very competent implementation of Android Auto on a much improved resolution screen Google maps looks fabulous and Spotify works incredibly well ..... and at last the DAB text scrolls!
  5. I've got an X-Clusiv with fun roof and full leather interior. It's coming to the end of the lease and I am disappointed that, as far as I can see, I can't get that trim level in the current X-Clusiv as a replacement. I really like the X-clusiv particularly the keyless and wouldn't want to lose that by taking a lower grade model where it seems the roof is available as an option. Shame. I guess both the leather and roof were not very popular due their relative expense . I only specified them because I got a great lease deal. However I quite like the Black X-Clusiv with the red roof. So when time comes I will express my reluctance to takeout a new lease to my dealer and try to a good deal !! ( It's worked at least 3 times before!)
  6. Yes - I use the Autoglym products. Also a stiff brush to remove things like dry bird droppings (Amazon - Vikan 644052 Hard Nail Brush, 130x40x48 mm). Occasional gentle hoover and run over with a "sticky roller" and 2 years in it still looks like new. No problems really. I was reluctant at first as I though the whole roof looked flimsy compared to my SAAB convertible but have been pleasantly surprised how it has performed. The only "problem" is it sometimes creaks when it finally locks into place closed , particularly in hot weather. I mentioned it at the last service service but I don't think there is a lubrication requirement and it's not really an issue.
  7. I have a 2018 X-Clusiv with the fun roof. There is no extra noise when it is closed ( I owned a "hard roof" Aygo previously). FULLY open it is a glorious driving experience and acceptably noise and buffeting free in the cabin even at speed. Half or quarter open it can get a bit wind noisy at speed, It operates smoothly and quietly and is leak free. It can be fully opened by one press of the button, but closing is a 2 stage affair or a long press on the button. I think it's great "fun" !!!!
  8. Googling around there is some evidence of phone calls dropping from Blutooth connected car system despite the phone still being on the call. Nothing specific to Toyota/ Aygo but to other brands of car, Ford for example ( Which may use the same Pioneer Unit) Seems to a be an known/relatively common iPhone issue. Do you by any chance have an iPhone ?
  9. This is a slightly different problem. If I understand your post you seem to have intermittent blutooth connection. The software upgrade is to fix a problem whereby the connection doesn't happen at all when the car has been sitting in the sun. Once it's connected it's fine. But it will be worth doing the upgrade on Tuesday as it may well be a related issue. I have always found the Blutooth connection (once it's connected!!) to be strong and stable and never cuts in and out. Doyou get a message that says something like " blutooth device not connected" on the X Play screen when the phone looses connection? Anyway, let us know how you get on.
  10. I've got a Samsung so I'm pretty confident it affects all mobiles with blutooth capability irrespective of operating system. The issue is the transmitter not the receiver hence the change required to the X touch software not the phone Bluetooth app.
  11. A bit of a odd response and somewhat non committal. But they are just asking to check the car first to satisfy themselves that this is in fact the issue an not something else. It's difficult to see how they could come to any other conclusion, but just play their game. I guess dealers don't routinely do software upgrades for free just because someone called Nick who randomly post on a forum say they should. Facts are TOYOTA recognized there was a problem TOYOTA issued a fix TOYOTA issued a Technical Bulletin for dealers to apply the fix A TOYOTA owner has had the work done for free under warranty and as a result the issue 100% resolved The only wiggle room a dealer/TOYOTA might have is that software is not covered the 5 year warranty - but that would be harsh as it fixes a "manufacturing" defect I think you probably get it done for fee if you persevere.
  12. "Might have to"... they seem unsure. Ask them to find out for certain. If the car is under warranty it will surely be free. If you still get nowhere, suggest to the dealer that you will talk to Toyota UK and let them know you are not happy with their response to a genuine request for help. Be polite but firm. Copy the dealer in all corespondance with Toyota UK and name the dealer and everyone you spoke to. Things will likely move in your favour. Good luck. The upgrade has been well worth the effort, so persevere.
  13. Are you gong up in trim level - if so it might add weight to the argument to change. I changed a 2015 Aygo X-pression for a 2018 X-Clusiv with fun roof so it was a nice upgrade. But then again its a PCP so I change it every 3 years or so anyway because I always get a great deal to change from my dealer. Depend how much it pleases you to have a brand new car every 3 years. I'm certainly not going to give any dealer nearly 8 grand in one lump ( or borrow the money against a depreciating asset) so PCP works for me at the moment.
  14. Software updated Friday. Issue is now resolved. The Car got extremely hot several times over the weekend but the Blutooth connection was unaffected and connected as normal. As the car was under Warranty there was no charge and included safety check and Wash and Valet. I suggest anyone who is troubled by this contacts a dealer who will carry to the update.
  15. I suspect it's a relatively simple parameter adjustment to increase the threshold whereby software causes the bluetooth transmitter to disconnect due to an over temperature reading. Why this needs to happen remains a mystery. Thermal cut outs normally protect tempersture sensitive components from being fried... I must assume Toyota know what they are doing ! Maybe the original software was a bit too cautious Any way looks like my Aygo will be connected to the Toyota servers for up to an hour whilst the update downloads and installs. Talking to the service tech it was clear they have never done this update before ..... so here's hoping !
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