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  1. I don't have the car with me at the moment, my fiancé has taken it into work to change the oil. He's a mechanic but has only ever worked on Ford's so is not too sure what the problem might be. He did also say about the carbon build up as the car usually only does a few miles here and there. We're taking it on holiday to Wales in September so it will get a good run out then! If I remember correctly it has done approximately 57,000 miles.
  2. My 04 1.3L Yaris has been pinking for a while now, any idea what might be causing this? I don't use supermarket fuel and it doesn't do many miles at present.
  3. A belated thanks for your reply Raistlin, we took the Yaris into the local garage where they confirmed the oil leak but also said the crank shaft pulley had a hairline crack and should be replaced. Total bill came to £432! Phew
  4. The other day I noticed a very slight leak from under the right front wheel, my fiancé is a mechanic so he took it into work today and had a look on the ramp. He says its the front crankshaft oil seal, how easy would it be to change it and would he need any special tools to do the job? (he's only worked on Fords so not 100% sure about the Yaris).
  5. That's what we were forced to go with in the end, bugger!
  6. Result! He is now added and at no extra cost! I was very surprised but pleased of course :)
  7. Was wondering approximately how much it would cost to add my boyfriend to the car insurance? He is 40 and has been driving since 1990 with no convictions.
  8. Something similar happened to my mother last December, she was on a one way street (two lanes) in town and the chap on the left of her decided he wanted to get into her lane but he didn't look properly and pulled over and smashed right into her. Our Yaris was a write off but his van didn't get a scratch (as per usual). We thought this had all been settled several months ago as we got some compensation that went towards buying our new Yaris, but have recently received a letter saying they are disputing what happened. We have to provide details of the prang, my mother can't remember everything (she was driving alone), and she's just recently been very ill in hospital and only just come out. All very unsettling. Please keep me (us) updated on what happens in your case, I am very interested. (We also have an eye witness as well).
  9. Thanks for the advice/suggestions but have gone with Age UK again, their quote for this car is slightly cheaper at £367 and once the company have managed to contact the other drivers insurance company we will get a bit of a refund too. It is actually difficult to say who does the most driving, we are about the same, as I don't use the car for work. Now just need to pick up the new car tomorrow, weather permitting!!
  10. TDR35

    Where Is The Snow?

    We had quite a lot in north Essex on Tuesday, its still on the ground, though not the roads. Looks like much more on its way, just in time to collect the new car on Saturday! Great - not!!
  11. Thanks for the replies. Interesting to see Age UK in the top ten, they were quoting £374 fully comp. We may just go with them again as need to pay the balance for the new car and collect it on Saturday.
  12. Can anyone recommend a good car insurance please? It would be for my mother and myself, she says she wont be driving much so it will mostly be me. We were with Age UK (!) as she is a pensioner but I was wondering if it would be cheaper to have me as the main driver with her as additional? Previous insurance ran out about ten days ago. There's so many companies out there its really overwhelming. Need to get new insurance this week as I'm hoping to pick up the new Yaris at the weekend.
  13. Good news, have got a new Yaris! Viewed and test drove it yesterday with my boyfriend who gave it a thorough check over being an experienced mechanic, hope to pick it up next weekend. Similar to previous but newer, more features, bit more power and bright red!!
  14. Your Mothers injury??? Your previous posts have not mentioned any injury........In fact your first post said that she was alright = No injury Have you been talking to your friendly solicitor again? Sounds like a bit of blame culture ambulance chasing compensation creeping in here :( Does not look too good! Yes, I did say that she was alright, but she did get a bit of bruising to the chest where the steering wheel hit her. I believe it was the insurers who suggested she may be able to claim, as we didnt give that a thought. Seeing as it was entirely the other drivers fault and we have been inconvenienced by having no vehicle (didnt get the courtesy car) and ultimately losing the Yaris which was a lovely little runaround, I think she/we are entitled to get as much back as possible. No doubt the young chap that caused this has been driving around like nothings happened (as is always the way!) In other news I have seen a similar Yaris, more milage and more money but hope to have a look at it tomorrow.
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