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  1. I have one it's great but the mpg are nothing like the listed 37mpg combined
  2. Hi all I've done about 3000 miles in a new 2012 3.0d invinsable the listed mpg is 36.7mpg for combined but even at 60mph I'm only getting 35mpg my combined is on average 29-32mpg if I'm careful and try and be as steady as possible with the pedal and hardly break. Anyone else getting higher mpg. My friend got the Vw amorok and he gets 40mpg cruising at 65mph and 38mpg at 70. Looking at fuelly the Internet site that shows users average mpg the 2012 is on average getting 22-28 max how can they claim 37mpg if you can't get even close.....
  3. Hello all just joined. I have a 2012 hilux invinsable hope to learn a thing or two on here. So far great motor but the mpg isn't as good as it should
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums Peregrine falcon :)