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  1. Just to inform you i had this problem with my verso s t spirit when it needed two replacement tyres after 20,000 service. The dealer was unable to locate any replacement tyres. I contacted a local tyre supplier who was also unable to source replacement tyres. I eventually had to replace all four tyres with a different size. The tyre replacements were 195/60-16 Nexus N6000. Toyota contributed the price of two tyres as a gesture of goodwill which was a very satisfactory outcome. I believe that the car handles better with these tyres than the original tyres.
  2. Yes we have had the same problem the reason for this is the latest update from apple on your iPhone . My contract was almost completed so i change to a Samsung note everything works ok with the new phone. I hope this helps
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums Mikev36 :)