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  1. The throttle position sensor is under the throttle inside the car (at least it is on my vehicle). It's a small black box with a spring and lever on it. In the end I had to buy a complete replacement throttle from Japan through a 3rd party supplier on eBay - shar.soli - (Toyota Sienta part 78010-52050) which still cost quite a lot, but it was the only way to cure the problem completely (and Toyota here wanted an absolute fortune for a replacement throttle). Good luck.
  2. Julie, sorry we didn't look at the number. See how you go with cleaning. You should be able to find the exact sensor you need by marrying up the reg number with a search on Eurocarparts which gives you a type/catalogue number, then you can do a search on eBay which is what I did for the wheel bearing.
  3. Julie, did you mean part number on the sensor or on the wheel bearing? I didn't buy an accelerator sensor.
  4. Yes Julie, had that same issue with the price of a rear wheel bearing, which was 10x other cars. But found a much cheaper one by Continental on eBay. It pays to hunt around. Still love the car though. :)
  5. julieW, in the end a electrical expert friend of mine took off the accelerator box (pedal assembly), took it apart a little and sprayed some high quality electrical contact cleaner spray into it. Wiggled it around for a while, cleaned a few contacts, put it back into place and the whole thing has been working perfectly (touch wood) ever since. Maybe that might be worth doing before splashing the cash? It seesm that these things get a bit dirty over the years (he found a tiny dead spider in there somewhere too. :)
  6. Hah, thanks Madasafish, but that assume that one of us knows what we're doing with a multimeter. Unfortunately I don't, so we'd both be as much use as a chocolate teapot.
  7. Horrible. Especially as you can't wield a multimeter while driving :) Heh. :)
  8. Shoot that sounds expensive. But thanks for the tip. As a matter of interest, how hard is it to find an intermittent fault like this with electronics, do you know?
  9. Hi folks, I've just got a P1121 code after going into limp mode. It's happened a couple of times before, and the limp mode usually clears after I switch off the engine for a few minutes, but now I really need to get it fixed. According to the code book, it's an 'Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor Range' problem, which is something to do with the pedal and/or throttle body, apparently. I've been told that I probably need to change the throttle body sensor, or pedal assembly or both or something? Obviously I would like to avoid spending too much money if possible. Can anyone help? Is it easy to do or hard? (and does anyone know any dependable Toyota diesel experts in London?) Thanks.
  10. Welcome to the Toyota forums nigelp :)