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  1. cool cheers mate...just asking that as hoping wiring is same..no wanna blow summit lol
  2. ok cool cheers mate... headlight adjusters..1 of mines is dead...so would i be able to take the broken 1 and try it on the other sides wiring..to let me know if adjuster has packed up or if maybe a dodgey wire etc ?
  3. when i start car in mornings the car sits bout 18000 revs...for what seems ages..is this the normal ? and quick query will post here also....headlight levelling motors..are they inter-changeable...can they be swapped over ? cheers again guys ;-)
  4. great stuff that konrad...cheers again mate...will try and get this done at the weekend at latest
  5. How are you getting on with the new tailgate rubbers, has it fixed the rattling problem? yeah mate problem solved...even though i snapped a bolt puttin f****** rubber on :@ will get it drilled out and get new bolt though what to do is jam it on 1 rubber at a time..i used a sock n fold it over...maybe 2/3 times...then hit sum bumps see if it solves it...this worked with me...so i knew it was rubbers that were worn...
  6. meant to put link in of speakers i got http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-MK4-Golf-Front-Door-Speakers-Alpine-Car-Speaker-220W-/160544658069?pt=UK_In_Car_Technology&hash=item2561351295 has anybody got a quick pic of the wiring plug on the original speakers handy ?
  7. cool will give this a go tomorrow weather permitting..was a crappy day here today..cheers again alan mate ;-)
  8. thats a great guide konrad...cheers for that mate ;-) ..will whip off my doorcards tomorrow and then drill speakers out and see what i can do...will go and get sum 6mm and 9mm mdf as well.... nah dont keep them gloom lol...as i said will see what happens once i get door cards off tomorrow...cheers gloom ;-)
  9. Got New 6 N Half Inch Speakers There...Was Gonna Put Them In My W Plate Avensis Other Day....But... Noticed They Are Too Small :@ Anybody Know Where I Can Get Adaptor Plates Or Whatever You Call Them lol ? And What Size Are The Standard Speakers In An Avensis ? And Are Rear Door Speakers Same Size As Fronts ? Cheers
  10. is it just the fixings in the arches mate...none on front wing or front of bumper to loosen ? will have to take them out...1 of the levelling motors is f***** and tried to get it in..but no chance :@ lol cheers
  11. did you ever find out bout this mate ? cheers
  12. anybody tell me if bumper has to come off to remove headlights ? w plate avensis gs cheers
  13. Went To The Stealers Today And Ordered New Tailgate Rubbers...Nearly F****** Died When The Guy Said £36 For Them lol Will Tackle My H.I.D`s Tomorrow...Weather Permitting
  14. I can't comment on the stoppers, only that I have the same occasional banging from the tailgate when going over bumps! The headlight bulbs are H7, let me know how you get on with HIDs! had a mate tucked away in the boot yesterday to find my banging lol sure its coming from bulb holder on the drivers side...rattling...will ram a towel in it laterz when i go back out and see if it cures it went and picked up a cheap set of headlights yesterday just so i can fit the hid`s then swap over headlights... weather here has been brutal over past few days..will post back with pics when done ;)