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  1. This is my record -: My battery is 13 years old, and I left my car parked in October for ~25 days and it STILL started first time. Battery should be >12.6v in a normal car (not sure about hybrids) and if the car is used for short journeys and not started frequently then it will discharge. On a related note, if I disconnect the battery of my auris 2007 will I need to find the radio code for my car or will it remember it?
  2. I have something like that in the rear passenger side wheel - i think it's brake caliper. Every time i press the brake and come to a complete stop I hear a kind of knock/thud when i set off/go in reverse.
  3. I've noticed the leaks now quite few times, with the 1 patch to the left (under the water pump area) and the 2 distinct patches to the right (maybe from the clutch cylinder, coolant pipe to radiator or gearbox oil - i think all these live around this area). I've used the same sump plug quite a few times now so may be that. I started the car and warmed up the engine and looked under it but could not see anything dripping down - I will have a better look when i get some car ramps. There is no plastic engine tray on my petrol model, i can see the road under the water pump in my car. It could be as the residue does not look particularly oily but i will spill some water on it next time and see if it goes rainbow colours. This is a weird thing to me because my brake warning light came on and i inspected all the pads and I think the are all 6-8mm still. The rear discs are OK and the front's were very low so I thought that by replacing the front discs the brake fluid level should/would come back to the normal range and maybe for a few weeks it did (but i did not check it after replacing discs so not 100% sure) and then 2 weeks later the brake warning light came back on so I checked the fluid level and it was at the low mark. I've added a bit of brake fluid and will see if it drops again. I did inspect the engine from the top to see if I could see any leaks and I noticed the engine is possibly making a knocking sound???? VID_20200425_161642.mp4
  4. Hi all, I have got a strange leak under the Auris 2007 1.6 TR petrol (Mark 1) model at almost 95k miles that I can't seem to get to the bottom of. Noticed it a few weeks ago after I replaced the brake discs on the front but I think it is unrelated to this. The weird thing is that the brake fluid was on the low line and the brake warning light was on in the dash. The old discs when removed were at 19mm width and brake pads ~8mm. However, after new discs fitted the brake warning light went out but came back on 2 weeks later. I checked the brake fluid line and it was still at the low line and I can't figure out why. Is it leaking or was it that low that 2 new front discs didn't raise it much. I still have not figured this out. Stupidly I didn't check the levels after the discs were fitted (!!) but can't figure it out. Maybe consumed by the clutch but looks unlikely. I have topped up the brake fluid a bit and am monitoring this. I started looking around the engine bay for any leaks after the above but could not see any leaks or anything on the road under the car initially. Then I noticed the 2 patches pictured below. The one circled red looks to be under the water pump/AC compressor area but does not appear to be coolant, the one circled in blue is a mystery to me but you can tell from the pic that it's almost parallel to the water pump but to the right of the engine and always occurs as 2 distinct patches. The other strange thing is that these "leaks" are not always present and only seem to appear under the car if the car is not driven for a few days. I put some white card board under the car for a few days and there was nothing on it so the mystery continues. Could the "leak" circled in blue be oil from the sump?? If anyone has any ideas on what : 1) happened to the brake fluid after I replaced the discs 2) what the patched circled in red is 3) what the 2 patches circled in blue are 4) if you have noticed something similar, please add to the thread Thanks
  5. Scrappage scheme, if implemented will just screw the poor working class even more - loss of pay/job/etc and higher costs of food/housing/fuel etc. Typical I guess from the (conservative) regime run by millionaires like Boris/CaMORON/MayBOT etc. Higher prices due to parts etc, I disagree. They are using more robots (=reduce costs), and if you google or look on youtube for "new car graveyard", you will see there is massive over-production of new cars and many unsold new cars. Some of the price of the new car you're paying is to cover the new graveyard cars that will be destroyed. This is to keep new prices and second hand prices high. They are private business and should be left to sink/swim on their own, that's what Iceland did with its banks ( as well as jailing the fraudsters) and they have recovered faster than we have. watch the movie "the big short" and you will get what I am talking about.
  6. What did you get for trade in and what were they welling it for? Did you get a discount on the new price?? How did it the price stack up if you didn't trade in??? What could you have got for your used if you sold privately?? seems a bit high for a 6 yr old car but maybe due to low miles it was that price. I bought auris 07 1.6L TR spec just under 5 yrs old, 40k miles for £5500 from toyota dealer. It looks like prices have gone up and I can't understand why and refuse to buy another until they come down again. No way will I pay for another auris (just normal petrol one) more than say £6000 for a 5 yr old one with around 50k miles. Maybe this corono thing will bring down prices a bit. Was interested in this one https://usedcars.toyota.co.uk/en/used-toyota/Toyota/Auris-Hatchback/12T-Icon-5dr-qxb97hj but the price is a bit nuts for a almost 4 year old car.
  7. how much did the tools/material cost?
  8. What is strange is I've noticed the forecourt prices of cars have gone up. I bought my auris in 2012, it was just under 5 years old with 40k miles and it cost £5.5k from a toyota dealer. I have been looking at replacements but civics 5 years old are priced at £10k at honda dealers and an auris 3 .5 years old is priced just over £9k. Paying £10k for a 5 year old civic car is nuts .................and it looks like dealers are price fixing to claw back money from us guys that they lost when people handed back their diesel leased cars when it turned out VW lied/committed fraud with their fake figures. No wonder they are called stealerships.
  9. They are genuine! Well happy, I paid the same amount as I would for crappy eicher or drivemaster or some other third tier disc
  10. Yeah, I was aware of that but hoped that they were on cheap as its old car and so old stock. They cost £62 from Mister Auto so I thought it was worth a shot. I got them from aceparts_uk UK seller and they seem to have a good rep / following on pistonheads. Might contact / take them to textar UK and ask them to check the discs out, they are in cleckheaton, so not too far from me. Link is https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-OE-Textar-Coated-Front-Vented-Brake-Discs-Pair-Set-92163703/192730966883?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  11. I got some textar front discs for £40 off the bay of e - decent price, but hologram seal was broken and i was hoping for made in germany, but it says "engineered in germany" on the box :-/
  12. that's fair. the goodyr ef performance can be had for £~60 fitted so its a good deal for someone.
  13. take plastic panel off and struggle for 30 mins to get old one off and new one in which is what i did. get wife/gf to do it if she donesn't have man hands. try not to get scratched etc as it may be a entry point for corona virus. get led bulbs so you avoid having to do it again.
  14. Thanks guys, I have axle stands but i'm too scared to get under car as fear a crush. I've got it booked in with my MOT this week so will get him to take a look, I think that'll be safer for me.
  15. Hi all, My Auris 2007 has had an inspection and one of the things that came out of it was that both front brake pipes and one at the back needs replacing. The video of the affected areas is linked below. I'm thinking of taking it to my MOT guy end of next week so he can have a look at the pipes, but wanted to post here for views/as a reference for others. What do you guys think??? auris2020edited.mp4