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  1. ziauris

    front wipers

    I've ordered a 26" for the drivers side ("aero vu" from ace car parts sittngbourne, kent) and will give it a try and report back my experience. thanks!
  2. ziauris

    front wipers

    How are these holding up?? I've seen the Aero Vu ones and was interested in trying them. When I tried the standard wipers I found they did not fit very well (think the wiper arm is made for more stronger heavier hybrid blades) and driver side wiper was crushed against the windscreen and not wiping properly. I think these aero vu ones look quite light construction and may suffer the same unless you can confirm that they work ok? thanks
  3. Mines at 96k miles and falling apart to some extent. issues so far: Aerial broke water pump went (replaced at ~60k miles) and now needs replacing again AC no longer works - probably regas will fix it. leaking water into boot from tail light sticking rear caliper/pads (probably because pads were not put in correctly) and now brake/clutch fluid loss, see below Didn't think I'd have this many issues with a toyota but I've probably less issues with this Auris than with my 2 previous BMW's which were total money pits.
  4. Looks like yours is not that badly damaged. I waited a bit too long and my shaft is now rotated the wrong way and has come out so a bigger/harder fix. Mine now looks like this
  5. Another leak from master brake cylinder / clutch / brake pedal ????? Anyone elses Auris with similar leaks, it's done less than 100k miles so thought it'd be better than this.
  6. I have a pic that seems to show what you stated , that the pads were not aligned to the caliper cut outs and I think this caused all the problem. the guy that replaced them does a lot of taxis etc so should know what he is doing but i guess he is one of those that does the job rather than doing it properly. now that i have the equipment and knowledge i will never let anyone else touch my brakes. it is an easy job and i encourage others to DIY it.
  7. Hi all, After fixing the sticking brake, I'm going to try next to fix the leaking clutch master cylinder. My car is on ~95k miles and it is leaking quite a bit which sent me on a wild goose chase as I thought my brake pipes had gone. I have seen some second hand ones on ebay off cars that have done a similar mileage but am worried that they may be in the same (leaking) condition that mine is in (even though the sellers says they are in working order). I wanted to ask How many of the members have had to replace this part on their car and at what mileage? Should I try to fix the
  8. Fixed it (I think). Just to sum up: 1) Nearside caliper retracts when turned clockwise. I used adapter E in Konrad's pic above. 2) Found out that the pads were seized in due to debris/rust and this was caused all the issue. Had to hammer them out. Best to have some new shims as mine broke apart due to rust. 3) Konrad, I took some pics but forgot to check if the piston "holes" line up with the "tabs" on the back of the brake pads (Doh!). But I did retract the piston ALL the way in so it should (?) be in the right position. 4) Anyway, brake seems to work fine at the moment.
  9. The stealers are total crooks. Bought from Toyota main dealer an approved used. Noticed low coolant level. Took it back to them a week later and they lied straight to my face telling me the level is OK. Water pump was on it's way out and they knew this when they sold me the car. I believed them so the car was running on very low coolant levels at motorway speeds and could have blown the headgasket. My indy mechanic told me waterpump is about to fail as it was making a racket. NEVER TRUST THE STEALERSHIP.
  10. My auris has chassis legs on both sides
  11. Try the chassis legs (see pic)
  12. Hi, I had the rear pads replaced by a local garage and he does taxi cars regularly so hope/doubt he didn't put them in wrong. The Auris rear caliper is a wind back type as it integrates the handbrake mechanism. I am planning on opening the caliper tomorrow to see how bad the damage is and trying to repair it. Has anyone had the handbrake cable seized or the handbrake mechanism on the back of the caliper seized which has caused something like this?? If so how did you fix it. Thanks
  13. The caliper was sticking and has destroyed the pads. The sliders/glides pins are OK, but I don't know if the piston was stuck or handbrake seized. I suspect handbrake as there was usually a "thud" type noise coming from the rear corner of the car when I first drove the car each morning, especially in reverse, but only for a second or two and then seemed to resolve itself. When I thought about taking the wheel off, I thought at most it'll be the caliper slide/glide pins stuck and I'd just lube them up. But when I opened the caliper I was shocked. Not sure how to check if the handbrak
  14. Spot what is wrong with this rear brake caliper!
  15. Thanks for the reply. I started the car and pumped the clutch quite a few times. I have had a look and the slave cylinder is dry. The area at the top of the clutch pedal is pretty wet and certain it's brake fluid. The big white arrow in the picture shows the metal barrel and it is all wet along there.The screw that is shown by the little arrow can be turned by hand. So the questions I have for forum members are: 1) Is the screw (pointed at by the little white arrow) loose and should it be tight. 2) Is this leak the cause of the clutch being "high", rather than clutch wearing ou
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