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  1. Just a quick update, I got a letter from Goodyear giving me some money back for the tyres (55% for each one) so quite a good result even though it took a while.
  2. Try using some vegetable oil
  3. Toyota dealer said they used 5w-30 semi-synthetic in my auris too, but i changed to 5w-30 fully synthetic. My car does not use a drop of oil, still at the fully mark after 6 months of driving. Check your car for leaks on the top and bottom of the engine around the sump and oil filter -make sure it is on (hand) tight, tight's good! Don't get any work done at Huddersfield Toyota, I wouldn't trust them with my wheelbarrow. The auris seems crap, doesn't seem to have any warning lights, it's written on honestjohn that someone driving an auris had very low oil levels and no lights came in on the dash so it doesn't have any warning lights for low oil. This is very bad as even cars cheaper than the auris have warnings for non-working side lights/indicators and low fluid levels, but if the Toyota does not have these warnings, I can't understand why other than penny pinching.
  4. ziauris

    Coolant Leak

    How does your engine sound? Does it sound more harsh/loud than normal? In the early stages of my water pump going, I noticed that the coolant level would drop to around or slightly below the low mark. Even if I topped it up (which I did a few times) it would return to this level after a short period of time. Later on the engine started making more noise and my local mechanic said water pump is on it's way out even though it ran fine. Incidentally RRG Toyota Huddersfield sold me this car knowing it's water pump was on it's way out and lied to me in my face when I took it back as the coolant level was low when I bought it. They told me the level is normal even though it was below the low line. Me being a but of a dimwit at the time and thinking it is a reputable garage and they wouldn't do anything shady trusted them. More fool me. It looks like I too will be needing a new water pump soon as these same symptoms have appeared in my car even though I replaced the pump only a few years back!!! (just looked back I changed ny water pump at 67k, now at ~85k and will need a new one soon-ish!) Not very good! Check the coolant level and see what it is. See if the engine sounds more harsh. Get ready to buy a new pump, avoid Circoli I heard they are rubbish, I bought Airtex last time but that doesn't seem to have lasted that long either 😞
  5. ziauris

    Boot Flooding

    Did they fix for free even though it is out of warranty etc?
  6. Hi guys, I've currently got this problem. Noticed it when I had to replace the tyre with the space saver and saw the area around the spare tyre and to the left of it extremely wet. I check the right side under the lamps and it is dry, so am thinking either it is the left lamp or the vent on the left wheel arch. Has anyone got a picture/videos tutorial of the work required especially where the vent on the wheel arch is. My car has been hit on the corner of the rear bumper on the same side recently, I wonder if this has anything to do with it. Thanks
  7. Does anyone know if the 2007 1.6 petrol Auris has a plastic underside tray? I had my oil changed today and there was no underside tray, but i thought i had one.
  8. just changed my oil at 83k miles (previous changed at ~67k miles) with shell AG fully synthetic 5w/30, was using semi-synthetic triple qx from ECP from 42k-67k, will see if efficiency/performance improve.
  9. Count you lucky stars if they give you money back, most dealers don't give a Castlemaine XXXX once they have your money.
  10. could be your water pump is about to fail, is the engine loud?? Mine had the same problem and Toyota Huddersfield lied to me to avoid fixing it under warranty so even reputable Toyota dealers cannot be trusted, much less a dodgy dealer posing as a private seller.
  11. looks like the older auris uses R134a TOYOTA Model Specific Model/Type Date of Manufacture Information R134a (grams) +/- grams ISO +/- 10ml Auris (ZE15/RE15) 10.06- 440 30 PAG46 50 http://ictworkshopsolutions.com/ict2014/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Complete-Refrigerant-Filling-Chart.pdf
  12. they exclude hybrid and EVs from the offer.
  13. ECP do the good ones for approx £10, but I try to recycle non-critical components on the car and spend money on the critical items. My tyres are dunlop bluresponse all round, my brakes are bosch or mintex, wipers are denso etc.. spend it where it counts. Air con recharge at ATS is on offer for £35 via groupon if anyone needs one. I'll see if I can have it done, they do a pressure test before refilling so will find out if there are any leaks.
  14. pictures as promised https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=VZKNCf7ZITTSWxsQRrVVmEV8PoCAjYLKeK1V https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=kZiNCf7ZeoCGOlqpohyy3RVggcoBo876BRY7
  15. there's an article in the newspapers a few years ago in which tesco was selling sub-standard fuel which destroyed a mans car engine. he won a court battle and tesco still refused to pay up. in the end they only paid when bailiffs turned up at the said tesco store and were about to remove stock and equipment!!