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  1. Hi, I had my air con recharged last year. this year the AC doesn't work at all - there isn't the noticeable dip in engine revs when the button is pushed! Someone suggested it could be the fuse - I think I have located this as no 14 on fuse box 1 - but I can't locate the fuse box under the panel on the RHS, drivers side. I can find a panel with the fuse references on it and there is a black box with a terminal plug going into it but it's not easy to open so not sure if it should be opened! I'd like to rule out the fuse if nothing else. The light for the AC does come on, but it was suggested it could still be the fuse! should I pay for the recharge and hope that if there is actually a leak it is found? Can anyone suggest the most cost-effective way of figuring out whats wrong without paying for the recharge which is likely to be a waste of time but probably cheaper then a diagnostics anyway.
  2. Welcome to the Toyota forums Sam Wakefield :)