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  1. hi all, im a new member, just a wee post to say hi to all, please have a look at my carina post abiout my alarm prob, I NEED HEEEEEEEELP!

  2. Hi all, i have a carina 97 auto, my alarm fobs wont open the car anymore, i have to unlock the car via the key, when i open the door the damn alarm blares like mad for around 30 secs. My fob is the one with the 2 grey buttons, with an unlock/lock function. I have tried everything possible to find help to fix this but with no luck. I phoned loads of places including many toyota garages, they didnt have a clue and they couldent help. Im at begging stages now, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, thx all, kind regards. .
  3. :D Hi all, would a set of 17" alloys go on a starlet sr ok with no rubbing on the arches, thx all :D

    Starlet Sr Wanted

    :D Hi all, i am in the process of selling my corolla and im after a standard starlet sr, i need 2 cars now, the starlets for me and the wife wants a jazz. I know this is probably a pointless post as they are terribley hard to find, i have looked for one in the past many many times and didnt ever see a decent one pop up anywhere within the last 3 years!!!!. There is 2 on a website i go to at the moment but they arent very good. It is a long shot asking if anyone has one for sale or knows someone who has one for sale, but hey i can only try!!!, thx all, kind regards :D .
  5. :D Hi all, can some tell me how to properly test my fuel guage sender unit for faults, thx all :D
  6. Yes m8 he does, BUT ive tested his out bye putting £20 in and driveing it around for a couple of days and get around 120 miles with my short trips.
  7. :D Hi all, my fuel consumption on my carina gti is bleeding me dry, i get around 80 miles out of £20, i mainly do short trips more than longer trips, even if i dont put my foot down, i still get around the same mpg return. The car has been serviced with the usuall new plugs etc, it also idles perfect and has no flat spots or bad performance, my bro has the same car and he can get around 120 miles out of his £20, he does longer trips than me though, but surely mine still isnt right, can anyone shed some light, has anyone got/had a similar problem?, thx all TRIG :D
  8. Hi all, took it to a garage yesterday, its the lower track arm that the creaking is comeing from, he said one of the ball joint has probably seized due to the cold weather, he said i have to take it off and free up all the joints and regrease them, hopefully that will solve the problem;].
  9. :D Hi all, my right front strut on my carina gti has started to make a creaking noise, its rather loud, happens when i go over the slightest bump and also when i get out the car, anyone any ideas?, thx all TRIG :D.
  10. Hi m8, if you cant find them, measure your old ones, go to eurocarparts, give them which size you need and ask them for some bosch wipers, problem solved, hope this helps:].
  11. :D Hi m8, 195/60 tyres are the the proper tyre size for the car for 15s, ive just taken my 16s off my gti and have noticed a bit of an improvment in acceleration and its less bumpy aswell, bigger wheels mean better handling, but it you want to suffer in acceleration and comfort very slightly, then get the bigger wheels. Its ok to get 55s if they are slighly cheaper why not, i myself would pay a few extra quid and get the proper size, its up to you m8. Also if you do put 17s on the car, i would reccommened lowering it, as the carina or just like most cars doesent look right with a a bigger set of wheels on it, it sits to high in my opinion because of the low profile tyre, regards TRIG :D .
  12. Hi m8, the problem was there before i changed the fluid, so cant be any air in the system, i think if there is air in the system, most of the gears would be dodgy would they not?.
  13. Hi m8, can select all gears perfectly with engine off, just changed the clutch slave cylinder and fluid, so all ok there, and yes i do get a squeaky clutch when engageing all gears, anymore you can add to this since i have answered your questions, thx m8:].
  14. :D Hi all, i am haveing a problem with my 1st and 3rd gear in my carina gti, sometimes i have to triple clutch to get it to go into 1st gear, the best way to descibre my 3rd gear problem is that when i try to go into 3rd gear i get that shocky feeling through the gear stick just like when you took your lessons and when you didnt dip the clutch enough to change gear thats the kind of buzz i get through the gear stick, even sometimes when i try to go into 3rd gear it clicks when doing so, also my clutch is squeaking like mad when i press the pedal, its comeing from inside the gearbox, i hope ive made sense all, please help, i am at the end of my teather haveing no 3rd gear, thx all TRIG :D .
  15. :D Hi all, ive been thinking for a while now on getting a new tv, basically what i want to know is which is best, plasma or lcd, also has to be child proof , is it also true that plasmas dont take to kind to knocks etc, thx all :D.