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  1. H i everyone .. need help i recently purchased a jvc kw-avx800 an the last owner has removed all wires but the purple one fron the 16 pin AV I/O plug ,so could anyone send me a pinout or a image (close up) of plug with wires in correct postions so i can replace the wires back in to the 16 pin plug .. ive asked JVC an they want me to buy a new AV I/O plug/harness at a alarming price as its part of a kit ... thanks
  2. hi everyone , newbe .. need help as just purchased a jvc kwavx800 double din head unit for my celica ,, an the last owner has pulled out all of the wires bar the purple wire from the AV I/O 16 pin plug , i have the wires an was hopig that some out there has installed one and my be able to send me a pinout of plug or a image so i can replace the wires back in to the correct locations , i have tried jvc themselfs an say buy a new lead which comes in a kit with power iso an 2 other 16pin plugs .... please ,, can anyone assist me , thanks
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums dazg72001 :)