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  1. Spazmoid


    Thanks eygo 2 wire makes sense; I am desperate to get a look at the connectors on the OEM DRL but haven't had any luck so far. I've seen DRL that have 3 wires and I suspect it's 1 common and 2 for different voltages based on dimming and indicator activity etc. Do you have a Fire - can you post a picture of the OEM DRL connection...?
  2. Spazmoid


    Hmm, yes I like this a lot. Do you know if this is will work on the OEM DRL for the 2012 Fire or are your specs for any 2 wire DRL lamps...? Good work there Eygo. I don't know the wiring configuration of the OEM DRL lamps; either 2 wire or 3 wire and was just thinking about wiring straight in the ignition circuit.
  3. Spazmoid


    Morning all. I spoke with Jamie at Pentagon Toyota parts and the DRL's are £208 with the brackets plus about £45 for the replacement grill. He assures me they'll fit and the connectors are tucked up away into the front assembly.
  4. Odd you say that; for a while I've considered my 4K mile '12 plate ICE to have an agricultural gearbox arrangement. I have the first service in a couple of months so I'll get mine checked as well.
  5. If anyone is in the Hants are then I can recommend this company http://www.kandnalloywheels.co.uk/ They powder coated my Daytona wheels and did an acceptable job.
  6. this is the way i have fitted them to a car without any wiring pre-installed, i bought kath a nissan micra k11 as her first car to learn in, in dec 2011 and i wanted her to me more visible on the road so i fitted some drl's and in jan 2013 i bought her the aygo to replace the micra. you can take the power feed from anything as you take such a small amount of power,in the micra i took the power supply from the wiper motor(ignition controlled),this kept all wiring under the bonnet. Did you use after-market OR the 2012 Fire DRL's from Toyota..?
  7. Thanks Eygo Is your instruction for the 2012 model or a pre-2012 model; it's just that I wondered if the 2012 loom was identical for Ice and Fire because I've not looked under the bonnet of a Fire...? I was also wondering what cabled come from the 2012 DRL lights themselves, have you seen one up close and can you comment..?
  8. And my 2012 has flat spots all through the gear and rev range; again, been like that from zero miles to today (4000) miles
  9. Try Eurocarparts.com - they list the rear box for £33.62 http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Toyota_Aygo_1.0_2012/p/car-parts/car-body-parts-and-car-exhaust/exhausts/exhaust-parts/?705730271&1&bea51626ae30234089cd00c28e39dc43a73ed854&000536
  10. Bought my parts from the local Pug garage and saved a fortune compared to the Toyota dealership.
  11. Good evening all Are there any Toyota technicians on here that would kindly grab me the part number and wiring diagram for the 2012 Fire DRL's...??
  12. Without sounding like a complete !Removed! novice here; but what does an underseat sub actually do and what benefit to the wireless will I get...?
  13. As a compliment to the Aygo heating I find that a Zippo heater placed somewhere between the pilot and the seat helps a lot. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005MIM8U0/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00
  14. You'll be glad of that when/if summer arrives.
  15. Good morning. All this talk about underseat sub has got me thinking and wondering if it's a difficult job to install and more importantly, how much improvement you'll get. ToyTech have the instructions for the stock sub but is it hard to fit/wire an alternate...?
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