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  1. Thanks all, wiper blades were great delivered in under 48hours !
  2. Thanks all, with discount codes got set of AeroTwin for £20 delivered. Theother options were out of stock or £25 plus Thanks
  3. Thanks for this, do you know where sells the refills - know couple of years ago Toyota did sell the refills but local dealer stopped after one refill go.
  4. Go out to use car (for genuine reason under c-19) and due to lack of use the drivers wiper blade is totally stuffed. I always buy OEM. As previous attempts for non genuine just caused judder and smear. So anyone know of any Toyota parts dept that does online delivery and or what is a good make to use as I can’t get OEM. (Toyota online state not eta for opening their online parts dept) which is normally via eBay. Car can’t be used as wiper blade is beyond useable. Any recommendations for blades Bosch aero ? Valeo or just but cheap as and replace with OEM when back in stock.
  5. Yes they allow the roll up dog / luggage guard to clip on. It’s all in the user hand book . in my touring the back seats can fold down, then the portable dog guard like a roller blind clips on the back of the folded down seats then rolls up and stops and luggage moving forward when it’s in full van mode great and simple design, now also on some other cars eg bmw
  6. If your accident prone cover the flat bladed screwdriver with a small sloth so any slippage won’t cause damage
  7. Did any one pm you, I have 1.4d manual touring excel 2013. So want cruise but it was never even a dealer option, main dealer states they won’t fit it as it won’t work ?
  8. Carista is now 99p for a week !
  9. Hi, I have 2013 1.4d manual excel touring. Cruise was never an option or optional extra, does it work with same logic or does it need to be hybrid or auto to plug and play ?
  10. I have 1.4d happily run five adults and luggage’s it’s never massively quick but does the job and your not screaming at it to go quicker.
  11. I changed all of mine from amazon, lovely bright cool white and still “fades” when times out when locking car. Simple and great mod.
  12. Is this the same for the touring (2013?)
  13. An old post, but this crazes me also. I note newer aygos now have the Grid line, is this installed on camera and if I put a new camera in will it have the grid lines in? then how much ?
  14. Mpg is a bit of a myth, I can get 60plus on aygo or down in 40s. all down to style of driving, terrain , type of drive ie urban, rural, motorway etc
  15. Dare we ask the price of this new head unit - if so is it a plug and play or need dealer to re code / configure etc?