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  1. How much did this cost ? Take it all car settings all work ok
  2. Thank you, I have taken both and XC60, various other estate cars out in Audi, Merc and I’m hovering over the daily driver ability and the cost, and reduction in mpg which is relative over the miles I do around 12k pa.
  3. I was quoted around £100 for the latest micro sd maps from main dealer.
  4. I retro fitted in under one hour, not a big job. All worked fine. got the full kit luckily off eBay which worked immediately.
  5. Packard

    Apple Carplay

    I had to reconnect both iPhones on 14 plate revised media.
  6. The hideous Vauxhall’s mokka has this on many, it’s about the best feature on the car
  7. Hi all, owner for last 5 years of Auris 1.4d touring excel manual box. Simply great car great mpg always around town 55-64 on a run. superb service costs and it just keeps on going. It’s immaculate and I love it but.. I’m bored and want a change, and would like the higher driving position due to medial reasons. looking at Rav 4 hybrid excel 2016/2017.. and intend on keeping car 3-4 years. But omg the prices are just not shifting at all. ive considered Honda CR-V 1.6d ex, but lot more spec but values dropping and it’s a diesel (another debate) and less warranty but more toys for the money. so do I keep on going, will I notice the difference (not many extra toys on rav 4), would love pan roof but they seem rare as rocking ...then the forums keep having so many debates over mpg. I drive 50 %rural/city then 50 %dual carriageway. Any thoughts suggestions..
  8. Absolute legend thank you.. now for a sunny day to do the deed.
  9. Thank you, I take it removing the main cluster is just screws? Any need to disconnect battery ?
  10. i have a horrid rattle rattle behind the main instrument cluster in a 2013 Auris tourer, any ideas on how to remove this and see what can be dampened? looks like the main shroud just pulls out, or do you need to remove other parts first? any help appreciated
  11. I've a sold my verso but if you take the top cover of the air filter box - remove the filter (lifts out) you will see where the black Circle pipe (air flow) joins in it clips in badly this is the bit you can put 2 self tappers through if you take a photo of the box I can show where it crazed me also !
  12. Yes, if you go into the settings you can disable the warning, if you can't find it pm me and I'll get you the route (In garage at moment )
  13. OEM look and feel for me, so graphite
  14. Amazing, I have done nothing to the car (or my phone) I clicked online search and it works both google and tom tom Dealer was still awaiting Toyota to reply.. anyone elses now working ?.
  15. My 1.4 Auris d. Has also dropped around 5mpg in past month,, it has been cold!