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  1. Anyone help ?or offer any generic brands that fit ok ?
  2. I have 2014 Aygo with DAB, 99 % of stations are good but the odd one is very tinny. My Auris tunes to the tinny station and sounds fine. hire/lease Aygos I have had have been the same.
  3. Totally agree with you, even with tape wrapped around the bracket where it’s meant to clip into doesn’t do anything. It was said in tv show once that the load area co er was deliberate to bring cost down and weight.. I note the new Yaris GR has similar pointless “cover” .
  4. I already have the OEM plastic boot liner, but after an all encased liner that fits all the way around the boot. I’ve had this before from other companies for my previous estate cars. I’m aware of companies such as https://www.titancovers.co.uk however they are very expensive. Has anyone purchased a generic one that fits well or another such company that is fairer value, though I do get what you pay for..
  5. I have taken out extended warranty on my aygo, they paid up for faulty clutch (all replaced)..
  6. I have 2013 touring excel. I have removed the raised floor, top meaning the boot is lower and has more storage, of course I’ve lost the small amount of space in between, which isn’t required for me.
  7. Tracked one down arriving soon but can’t locate the installer guide on website ? Anyone help ?
  8. I purchased these PIAA bulbs (sign up for 25% off price via email) and they are excellent. I have 2013, with the upgraded headlights under warranty and they make a big difference so much so fitted a pair in the Aygo as well https://www.powerbulbs.com/product/piaa-hyper-arros-hir2-9012
  9. I also claimed under the recall and got two brand new lights on 2013, around 3 years ago, did male a difference
  10. Hi, I’m hunting down Genuine Toyota Auris Touring Rear Seat Dog Guard Divider 2012- PZ483E512100 Other than paying OTT price from Toyota (over £200), anyone know of anywhere of one for sale or major discount ? I already have the genuine metal fixed boot guard and just need the divider thanks in advance
  11. Can Anyone help re removal of camera and refitting tracking them down is a lot easier second hand thanks
  12. Managed to get a new card under £30 on eBay, swapped over easy and sorted ! Even came with firmware updated
  13. Thanks all, wiper blades were great delivered in under 48hours !
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