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  1. My usb failed, swapped over under warranty no issues at all.
  2. Can anyone help with a parts diagram for an Auris Touring 1.4 Diesel (manual), and the relevant engine guards (old money sump guard trays) that are made of plastic. I think there is more than one tray/guard? Mine has truly died and beyond repair and need to source replacement if anyone can help, annoyingly I can’t get under the car until up on ramp, but would like to start the hunt for Best Buy for garage to fit. thanks in advance.
  3. Would that be Covered by the “ten year” warranty if serviced through the new ten year warranty scheme if the customer complains ?
  4. Have you got Toyota to replace the headlights under warranty (existing recall for them) ?
  5. My usb failed on My aygo, claimed under warranty and replaced, could faulty ?
  6. Still looking so annoyed that so many dealers (often the same few) keep listing “premium pack” when they actually mean “protection pack” when challenged. I am amazed Toyota don’t crack down on blatant false advertising (mini rant over) Anyway hunt continues ….
  7. Apart from mechanical and paint make sure the maps are up to date
  8. Talking about (good) comedy quotes, we have 14’ plate Aygo, cost to change for the whole year to a Rav4 Hybrid Excel AWD was… £15 for the whole year extra ! Simply crazy (same policy to swap for a BMW140i was £17 ! ). I must be old now !
  9. I took up this at the time silent “offer”, and yes it really did make a difference getting them swapped out. also I replaced the bulbs with Philips X-tremeVision Pro150 HIR2 (Single), and this alongside the physical unit made a massive difference. and re the seat heaters, I’ve had both heating units replaced under warranty and that again made a BIG difference the heated seats now work correctly all the time.
  10. You can purchase the map updates for around £35 from eBay, easy to follow and genuine update. plus a £3 USB stick 16gb FAT32 from amazon. Take around 45 mins inc laptoptime. or you can pay Toyota around £150 for same thing
  11. Just had 2 quotes from dealers for Rav4 AWD Excel Premium both quoting Jan 23 for info if ordered this week.
  12. Hunt continues, a couple of false hopes with main dealers advertising as “premium pack” then when contact made “oh no it doesn’t have the panoramic roof”… frustrating.
  13. Packard

    Maps update

    Thanks that really helps
  14. Packard

    Maps update

    Thanks - seems very similar to the Auris before they removed the toolkit, then the webpage link then removed it all with no notice (separate rant) to customers. I’ve always opened for USB always seems a safer transfer of data anyone know the cost IF it’s past the 3 years (I note my Auris is able to get the eBay £30 map updates via USB which is way cheaper than the £150 dealer fee for one update) Wonders post 3 years old if any service plan like Honda/BMW inc the maps
  15. Thanks you have reassured me, and my thoughts of getting out of my mates Disco which I always got more mud on me that way.
  16. Packard

    Maps update

    Reading an old thread @FROSTYBALLS if I purchase a second hand 2 year old Rav4 does that mean I would get the last year of map updates at not cost for the vehicle ? If so how? thanks in advance.
  17. Thank you, I suppose if I end up with one with a pair fitted they could always be removed (?) and I hope leaving them vehicle undamaged and sell them on
  18. So on my hunt for a mk5 excel, I note some have the side steps fitted. So excuse my ignorance apart from the aesthetic value which I’m sure will be a marmite (I like them), Does anyone (even kids) use them to gain entry? How much ground clearance does it take away if any? Any pros or cons ?
  19. Thanks I really do like the red and went to it immediately on forecourt. Luckily with two existing Toyotas under warranty we’ve no worries with motoring but when you want that new toy especially after the test drives it’s an absolute want
  20. Pricing is strange - I often drive across UK to purchase cars as in my area it’s £4K more for same car than up north - so a day trip it is I’ve found red in above spec (even with black leather etc), though wife doesn’t want a red car … I really like that colour !
  21. Yep I think I will be going that route in a couple of weeks, as aware I’ve been lucky in past to get to see vehicles before they even hit relevant websites. some of the Toyota main dealers websites are truly awful ! Also noticed many don’t list on main Toyota website only on independent own website.
  22. Thanks thought that would be the case, if I’m spending that amount I want the right spec. I don’t like leaving details with some dealers as it seems they always add that little bit extra on knowing you want THAT specific spec. I’ve got numerous alerts sent up on auto trader and Toyota and lots of evening surfing. Hoping to be part of the RAV4 club shortly. Just hope if/when i get it the car is that good.
  23. An existing Toyota owner x2, now looking to move up to a RAV4 after hours of research and test drives in UK to; Mk5 RAV4 AWD BLACK LEATHER PVM, JBL & Pan roof Sub 25k miles (Apple car play aware can retro fit £50/£150) ideally in Grey, Black or pearl white yes aware it gains the extra tax is this the holy grail ?
  24. Thank you - pity no quick way to do it albeit I suppose it reduces theft of them if they have to be removed that way
  25. Any9ne help on how to access the rear camera to remove and replace with one with lines (now sun £60 on eBay)
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