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  1. Been running Lindop tuning box on my SR180 for around 8 months now on the recommended setting 6 and no hint of black smoke even when ragging the nuts of it....Not sure what the BHP is, but the box certainly increased and smoothed out the power delivery especially in the low down and mid rev range. I think 'my old mans Auris' surprises a lot of other drivers on the daily commute, its not the fastest, but its certainly not the slowest. i'll also add the after sales advice and service at Lindop (Kingo) is top notch.
  2. My SR180 only had the can of gunk and compressor, so i tried sourcing a space saver from two local Toyota garages. The first said they could get the rim only but struggle to get the tyre to match Part No: T42611-0F090 deliverd £59.00 rim only Needs: T125/80 17 tyre The second refused to sell me one because the car didn't leave the showroom with one. I did, however end up sourcing one from ebay brand new £20 (£120 from toyota with tyre). There is a claim that the space saver won't fit on the front because of the caliper size, i've not tested this theory yet, however, on different threads, members say they have tried this and have fitted the spacesaver front and rear) Worst case, if i have a puncture in the front i will take a back wheel off and stick the space saver on then stick the full size rear on the front. double the work i know but still better than that s**t in a can which trashes your tyre. Not sure if this helps, or if your other half would fancy doing this. Brett
  3. Great minds think alike :) ... Thats' exactly what i was planning on doing, BP or shell with a drop of their 'good stuff' one a month washed down with an annual dosing of BG244 and DPF cleaner and pray that the nasty diesel gremlins stay away. Life was so much simpler in my 'petrol days'.
  4. Thanks Taff, Already cleaned the EGR out around 2 months ago, wasn't too dirty (think its an updated unit compared with RickD4D's pinned guide to cleaning the EGR). I also ran some BG244 through straight afterwards, I have also just run some Forte DPF cleaner/regenerator through and the car is currently filled with V-power derv. I tend only use shell or BP diesel, albeit it is usually regular diesel. I never use supermarket tat
  5. sorry mate, but whats my PM's
  6. On my journey home tonight, i had to perform a 'foot down parked car pass' due to some numpty coming he other way at twice the legal limit round a bend. As i swerved round the parked car the VSC traction light flashed, followed by VSC and check engine error messages. The car dropped into limp mode. As i was only 2 mins from my house i limped home, disconnected the battery to reset the ECU and every thing seems fine. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this or knows what would of caused it, i'm slightly nervously as i'm using it to tour the lakes next week and don't want a repeat I should point out the car is fitted with a Lindop tuning box, which i am chuffed to bits with. The box came set up by the the ever helpful kingo. p.s. limpmode is a !Removed!, i could have walked the last bit quicker!! cheers guys Ba553t
  7. Hi Steve, Nice ride mate, particularly like the twin tail pipes, wouldn't mind a set of those on mine. Have you considered a Lindop Tuning box, transforms and smooths out the power delivery (+35bhp +70Nm) Brett
  8. I have bridgestone potenza S001's on my SR180 (were on when i purchased the car)...not looked at any official reviews...but i cant fault them in all categories. I would certainly buy again, reading frostyballs comments above.........i had the misfortune of driving a car in the wet with Wanli's on :censor:in' hell, they should be banned, i reckon my uncle's mobility scooter could spin them up in the dry. Dry Braking -- 0 Wet Breaking -- 0 i'm gonna die factor -- 10
  9. Fitted kingo/lindop box to my SR180....WOW!....what a difference, the car is lot more drive-able now with smoother power delivery through all gears at all revs and all throttle positions, big up kingo
  10. i recently added a plug n play box on my it from good ol kingo at Lindop this moment in time its the best £375 i spent on a car, completely transformed and smoothed out the power delivery, it's now a lot more linear through the rev range ... i certainly recommend talking to Kingo he's a genuine and knowledgeable guy and he will answer any questions you have,,, he helped me loads. good luck with the mods!!
  11. Hi Chris, I recently replaced the gearknob on my SR180 (chrome band was peeling on the old one).. i managed to find a new one on ebay for £30. At the time the seller had 2 for sale, he's not listing any at the moment, but may be worth an email to see if he can get anymore.........sellers name was to his home page below nothing worse than a messy knob :) good luck with your search
  12. I've managed to sweet talk my mate in taking a look with me one of the days next week. Also, after reading several other posts around the subject, I've purchased some BG244 diesel treatment off ebay (about £20).. gonna run this through the system after the clean. I'll feedback once the jobs done. Spent a couple of hours with my mate yesterday cleaning out the EGR using a scraper vacuum and some wynns carb cleaner from halfords. My cars done 28k and there was a reasonable amount of soot build up. The things we noticed with the revised EGR are 1) it now has 2 pipes running through the top carrying coolant (we left these connected through the clean. 2) the small breather hole that are referred to in this guide seem to have gone, almost as though Toyota have realised there's an issue. The clean by itself doesn't seem to have made much of a difference so whether the revised EGR is more forgiving to soot buildup. As for the procedure it's self explanatory, just remove the bolts holding the EGR pipe then the ones holding the EGR valve body then disconnect the electric connect (bottom left of the valve body). You with also have to slacken off the plastic rail trunking to get access to one of the bolts on the valve body. Obviously one part with still be connected to the engine via the 2 coolant pipes, we put a cover over the engine and paintwork to clean this part so that the carb cleaner didn't go over all the lovely shiny paintwork (the cleaner comes out with some force)
  13. I've managed to sweet talk my mate in taking a look with me one of the days next week. Also, after reading several other posts around the subject, I've purchased some BG244 diesel treatment off ebay (about £20).. gonna run this through the system after the clean. I'll feedback once the jobs done.
  14. Hi, I purchased the car from a car supermarket..120 mile round i was trying to save wasting a day and do the job DIY styley especially considering some members suggest repeating the job annually so probably in my best interest to learn thanks for the advise
  15. Hi Eddie, just wondering whether you got any further with cleaning your EGR seeing as its been a month since your post, because i find myself in the same situation as yourself, owning an '09 plate SR180 with a revised EGR which i wish to check (i've only had the car 2~3weeks and i'm new to the forum). I have left a post asking for guidance just in case there's any pitfalls with the revised version but not received any feedback as yet.