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  1. can you post a link to that reader please?
  2. some background info - Put foot down on pedal and car wont rev past 2000rmp. plugged in the computer and the following errors come up - P0121 P0123 replaced the sensor on the pedal and no luck still does the same thing. Now garage is saying it could be the throttle body itself, tried cleaning it etc nothing. so been looking around, need some advice. The numbers on my throttle body are as follows 22030-0D020 4G29 00924 I've seen a few online on ebay but the numbers dont all match but does that matter? as when i ring around car breakers yards they don't ask for them just the make and model etc h
  3. What you're talking about happened not long ago, oil had got in to one of the spark plug chambers, messed up the coil pack, got that changed and car was normal again. That was different to this :/
  4. thank you for your reply :) I had the brake carrier changed on the drivers side as the slider bolt there was sticking. A few weeks later however im driving along and the car wont accelerate, almost identical to the first problem i had, going down hill, put the car in neutral and tried revving the engine but it would not go over 1000 revs, like the accelerator pedal would not work, switched the car off and back on and it was back to normal. I've noticed this happens when i turn right sharpish and whilst pressing the accelerator pedal, it almost goes in to some limp mode. Engine light is on and
  5. Corolla T3 vvti 54 reg. Driving along approx speed 30-40mph..car starts slowing down, almost as if i'm braking even tho i wasn't. Put it into first and can't get it above a few miles per hour, like i'm pressing the brake and gas pedal at the same time :/, turn off the engine, press the brakes a few times and it drives ok again. Happened twice that now..what could it be? Also when for instance i go over a pot hole the car sometimes slows down momentarily wouldn't quite say it jerks back but there is defo a slight pull back, like i've just tapped the brake pedal. Noticed it's done that a few tim
  6. Hello there, i have a 54 reg Corolla, T3 vvti, everytime i swith on my sidelights or full headlights my clock lights dim, this is not so much a problem at night as im able to still see it, however it does become an issue if i have my sidelights on say late afternoon. Is there a setting somewhere that i can fiddle about with to change this or is this how these cars are built?
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums Toyota1986 :)

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