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  1. Because people faff around changing the settings whilst driving, for one it is dangerous and two, the T180 engine is tricky to map and flicking between economy and power whilst driving WILL bring on an EML light How many connections are there on this kit? Kingo I understand the switching on the fly idea wont work if ecu will moan about it, but not the danger. No more danger than adjusting heating controls, wipers etc. Says it connects to each injector and the ecu.
  2. I've been thinking of getting a tuning box for my SR180 but didn't want to spend £400 odd on one, £150 is much more like it :) What's the difference with there £200 one over the £150? How come these tuning boxes don't have incar adjustable settings? so you can change the map while driving, then you could have it set for MPG most the time, flicking to higher power when you need it.
  3. I use a 1/2 mile long dirt track every day each time I go out/home as it saves me 20 minutes each way compared to the traffic way. It's a very bumpy track with lots of sharp hardcore to do tyres in, hence my hilux :) I see quite a few range rovers on it blasting along, I have also seen 3 cars smash there sump in so oil goes every where in last 10 months, one was a Honda S2000!
  4. I'm with vodafone on a 18 months contract, 3 months into it my N95 stoped working I just walked in the shop and they gave me a free mobile while mine was being fixed free or charge. Then just the other day it broke again, this time they gave me a new mobile for free and its the better N95 8 gig, which they say is better built than the old n95. could not of been better service really as the phone braking is not there fault, its nokia that made them poorly, wonder why my vodafone shop seems so much better than the one you used?
  5. Belive me I would love 300bhp over my 74 any day of the week, but mine is a 16 year old motor with a non turbo diesel lump, I just would of thought these days TRD of all people would easy get more power out of a 4.0 v6 super charged petrol engine, look at the power and torque figers for some of the new cars these days
  6. I was trying to work out my mpg in the Hilux, trobble is its in km and my maths is crap. I reset my trip meter when i last filled up to the neck with veg oil, I have done 450 kilometers and just filled it back up to the exact same point, this took 54.7 litres of veg oil according to my electric filling pump which has a flow meter which seems to messure spot on. So whats my mpg on veg oil from that? its a 2 ton truck which half of the driving has up to 500KG in the back which wont help, plus i thrash i about every where due to free fuel :) I have always thought it would be 25mpg ?
  7. working it out to the tank is a rubbish way to do it, as you can have 10 plus lires in there and not know about it unless you drive till it runs out every time?
  8. If yours is like the AE82 there is a cap on the rad, open this and make sure its full to the top, squeeze the rubber hoses while the caps off to make sure there is not a air lock in there.
  9. When my old AE82 (same engine) did that it was because the water was low, check that if you havent already
  10. Do you not know how to change your spare? or just to lazy to do it? or is it, I have the cover so i'm using it? The reason some people have to wait up to 4 hours like Tegan did, and my self on a couple of occasions is due to the amount of people that call up needing tyres changed and !Removed! batterys jump starting after leaving lights on etc, good mate of mine works for RAC and says way to many of his call outs are to people that are unable to change a spare over. It should be part of the driving test if people find it that difficult.
  11. only 3500 or so died last year in cars! thats nothing really when you realise 11,000 people died from infections in hospital that they did NOT have when they went in!
  12. The garage closest to my house is £1.31 per litre, and it seems to be going up every day! I'm so glad i don't use pump fuel any more as i would not be able to buy beers and stuff then
  13. Mate at work just brought a second hand A class merc thats got a LPG kit fitted to it, 55p per litre is alot better :) if i was not running on used cooking oil this is what i would do.
  14. its only ever going to get worse from here on, diesel will be £1.50 in 6 weeks or so! i would of thought it would be £2 per litre with in next 2 years :( I've noticed a few people i know getting rid of there 2nd and 3rd cars which they can do with out as they cant afford to run them what with fuel so high and insurance etc. The car market will be fill of them soon, i've noticed quite a few weekend toys going up for sale for same reasons. everything you do and buy will go up in price due to rocketing prices of fuel, from food to dvd players! it's a grim time coming up for a few years at least :(
  15. also worth noting that you can run it on cooking oil, or even used cooking oil as i do :) this will save loads of money with diesel at £1.20 plus per litre