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  1. So I spent almost every penny I own on my Aygo - got it 10 days ago and already its been hit twice outside my house (no notes left of course) - my pride and joy! Does anyone know the cheapest way to sort this out? Or recommend someone in the Herts/N. London area? Alternatively in Lancashire as I will be there soon. Like I said I have very little money left to spare but I can't bare to see a 10 day old car with two bumper scuffs already! One is small but I think quite deep and the other is lighter but a larger surface area.
  2. I just bought a 6 year old Aygo, with 45k miles on, so thanks - reading your 'story' has made me much more confident it has lots of life left. Currently running like a dream and bought from Toyota dealer so here's hoping.
  3. Supposedly just inside the passenger door. Manager to scuff my back bumper today so def in need to paint now!
  4. Anyone know the paint code the Ice Blue Aygo (06)? It isn't on my vehicle where it should be (removed/covered by previous owner?) and as it's quite a specific/unusual colour I don't want to get it wrong!
  5. Right, this I have sorted the paint and how to do it - now..... any clues how to remove the vent surrounds and speedo surround?
  6. Hi all - first off I'm new here but been lurkin for a while so wanted to say hello. Second, I was wondering if anyone can tell me or point me in the direction of a guide to be able to paint my air vent surrounds and the surround of my speedo etc. I want them to be the same colour as the car itself like in Aygo Fire and Blue. First time I've done any sort of mods on a car (and I'm a girl ;) ) so hoping I can pull it off! Edited to ask a 3rd question - I find my AUX needs to be played a lot louder than my radio or CD to be able to hear anything.... is this normal?
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums IGoGirl :)