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  1. JarnoSe

    Oil Maint / Oil Date Reset loop

    I got the notification when oil level was too high because of dpf problems on my old 2011 1.4 D4D Auris.
  2. JarnoSe

    Strange connector under rear bumper

    No, you would also need the rest of the loom under the bumper, control unit, speaker and cut-off switch. You can look the part numbers from japan-parts.eu, and with your own frame number you can see if they should be there or not.
  3. JarnoSe

    Strange connector under rear bumper

    The wires are there even if the car never had the sensors. They used the same wiring loom for every car.
  4. JarnoSe

    Strange connector under rear bumper

    I think it's for rear parking sensors.
  5. JarnoSe

    Wiring diagram microphone

    Find the pinout of the radio connectors, pins that fit the correct connector, and stick the wires to the correct places.
  6. JarnoSe

    Floor mats for MK1 Auris (LHD)

    Search ebay.de for fussmatten. There is several shops who sell tailor made mats. Easier to find lhd mats from Germany.
  7. D4D covers pretty many motor types. CD, ND, AD, KD etc. D4D is just Toyota's name for common rail direct fuel injection, it's not a specific motor type.
  8. JarnoSe

    DPF Advice - 1.4 D4D

    I had to replace dpf on mine at approximately 150tkm. Price for the dpf itself was somewhere between 400-500e.
  9. JarnoSe

    Auris 1.4 D4D purchase

    DPF doesn't lower the co2 -emissions, but burning the soot in the filter consums diesel, so emissions will be higher.
  10. JarnoSe

    Auris language change

    There's language option in the setup menu. I got my t&g second hand from ebay, and changed the language to finnish from the menu.
  11. JarnoSe

    Wiring diagram microphone

    I wired my mic directly to the radio.
  12. JarnoSe

    Instrument lighting

    In my mk1 Auris lights on the switches etc goes on when I turn the headlights on.
  13. JarnoSe

    Alternative map system for Auris?

    No, can't be done. Buy an Android HU if you wan't another nav software, but you can't change the one on the factory unit. It's very tightly locked system.
  14. JarnoSe

    2008 Auris climate control swap

    No, it's not simple job. You need the computer box controlling the ac, temperature sensors, wiring harness etc etc. Even the heater/ac unit is different on the auto and manual versions.