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  1. Haha long time since I have been on here! But actually have one of these and love it!!!
  2. Yeah its the greddy one. So what happens to the one that is clipped off? What is it meant for? Also how do I know which is the MAF and which isnt?
  3. Just out of interest does the induction kit allow fitment of the wires attatched to the stock aribox? I currently have 2 'plugs' attatched to current airbox.
  4. HAHA was a joke :D Paid for it now though, so bring on two weeks :D
  5. Haha even a -40mm Yaris with 16s isnt exactly a hard ride! Ever been a Porsche or CTR :P Will stick to 195s again then, since it seems the general consensus 205s cause problems, and not much point in getting arches rolled just for a slightly wider tyre.
  6. That does look awesome! You have swayed me and im gona go down that route. According to Envy will take two weeks to get it though :( Will hopefully have it ordered by the end of the day, just waiting to hear back from Envy now, never known a company been so slow in trying to take your money
  7. I cant seem to find the greddy kit on the envy site and doesn't seem that anywhere sells a 1.0l K&N induction kit. Also does it read to you that the powertec is just a cone?
  8. Also I want to get a new filter now which out of the three is best? Pipercross K&N Green
  9. Ok gave it a go and did sound pretty cool All it did though was make me wana have a louder and deeper noise Got my housemate to drive it past but seems to make alot more noise in the car than outside. Which I guess ain't a bad thing as doesn't make you look like a chav but makes the car sound better for the driver. Also do you know the diameter of the air box inlet as im gona get a cold air feed now, and gona get a new filter since mine is mingin! Its black and has a few leaves and stuff Also where did you get those 'rings' holding the cold air feed on? (have no idea what its called as you prob guess, but if still unclear what I mean, I mean the metal brackets you have holding the pipe on)
  10. Been searching for the Greddy kit but have had no luck. Guessing its not sold anymore??? In that case any other induction kits than can be used? If not what is the best course of action with a cone and trying to get a tube to make an induction kit? Powertec Toyota Yaris Mk1 1.0 16v 04/99 - 12/05 SL1 Performance Induction Kit (the name implies it will fit since its for the Mk1 1.0 16v (ie 4cyl) from 99-05 (ie p1 and p2))
  11. Basically you can change amp settings and EQ settings on the headunit. He said I had pretty much set the amps up fine (for best sound quality and loudness, but tbh there is more in reserve but does get crazy loud ) He pretty much showed me a menu on the HU I had never seen before which allows time delay (so sounds like sound is coming from the middle of the dash (is weird as hell)). The real benefit was giving the EQ more of a flat sound ie my high frequencies were too high and I knew this but already turned tweeters down by using the jumpers in the crossover. He also turned certain frequencies up in the mids since the yaris door cards are shocking and need strengthening (I didnt fancy any more weight in my poor 1.0L). As for the sub made such a difference. Was alot deeper by just using the HU.
  12. I have a spacer and then ontop of that had to make some small bits out of wood to space it even further because the magnets are rather large. They fit perfect though as the cones stick out of where the grill was so means I could put the Alpine grill on. They sound great paired with the tweeters and cover all frequencies (however have a Type-R sub as well for lows). Also as side note Alpine are based in Coventry which aint far from my uni which means I was able to blag a free setup by Alpine. The guy said I had done a good job tuning it myself but must admit sounded a fair amount better when he had finished
  13. Its a P1 1.0l 52 Yaris and the kit is also for this car. However pipercross seems like its just the cone as well :S But as I said there is the offer on the cold air feed which could go behind grill at front??? Plus had a read online and doesnt seem to have MAF problems in other cars. Well I have enough money for new car, but for the last 6 months of ownership would be cool to have an induction kit. Plus I enjoy doing stuff to my car and got the urge to do something.
  14. How much over £100. Look at link in first post for the Powertec one (is 3rd link I supplied)
  15. Whatabout the powertec induction kit? As I said I will only car for a max of 6 months so dont wana spend much. How much is the Greddy? Link?
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