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  1. Starting to break the car now :'( Gutted but couldnt find anywhere to store it. I've put the interior up for sale, once thats gone I can strip and scrap the shell. I wanted to keep as many of the nice bits as I can for a future project but I will see how I feel once its all done.
  2. Really struggling to find somewhere reasonably priced to store it. Need it out the way, I have parking space for 2 cars and currently have 5. I might have to break it or sell it. Dont want to but running out of options. :-(
  3. I didnt realise you could get a turbo kit from the US for the 4a fe. Not worth doing tho like you said, the 4a fe was supposed to be toyotas sensible economical engine so there are not many options for it. 4a ge black top 20v engine kits from a Levin can be had from ebay for around 1400 quid and I far as I know is pretty much a straight swap? Its what I want to do to mine. A local mate of mine has the 1.3T starlet lump in his and its a great little engine, not sure how reliable it is tho, hes just had to replace the lump and lots ive seen have had to be rebuilt. I dont know if its people turning the boost up too far or a particular problem with the engine. The 3sgte is what the rally car had but is not an easy swap, some clever engineering needed although Fensport could probably help or do it as they have done it before.
  4. Yea I miss it already, was only last week. Gearbox has always been noisey so I knew it would happen at some point.
  5. I wish there was! I think your best option is fitting a 4A GE engine. There isnt really any bits available for a 4A FE.
  6. Only just seen you replied, thought I set it up for email notifications. It did seem to help but the car is off the road at the mo with a bearing gone in the gearbox. Trying to find somewhere to store it while I find another car so I can make one good one out of the two. It needs quite a few bits and a respray so I thought I would be better off buying another one with good bodywork and putting all the good bits from mine onto it. Ideally a white car so I can go for the rally car graphics :D
  7. Yea mine is fitted in the same way. Need to make a longer tube to put it closer to the front of the car. wheels are a very personal thing, go with what you want.
  8. What size tyres are best for my 16" mim alloys? they have 185 50 16's now which touch at full lock. Also i have a set of 17" to use while the mims are being painted what size will fit without scrubbing on a 30mm lowered car?
  9. mine comes off too. need to sort something else out.
  10. It did seem to warm up quicker this morning. :D Needs a full service i think. It will help.
  11. got one this morning and fitted it. will keep an eye on things and see if it makes any difference
  12. i hope it does the job then. i cant afford to be getting through fuel this quickly.
  13. Ok, i will get one tomorrow if i can and see if it helps. definatly something wrong, done half a tank of fuel in 100 miles
  14. i have had a look today and there is one sensor thing down the back of the engine by the waterpump. is that it? there are 2 near the thermostat housing too, anybody know what they are?
  15. ok thank you, i will look into it
  16. It does seem to run better than it did. still a bit lumpy when its cold and fuel consumption isnt great, probably more to do with the way ive been driving it ;-) The temp guage is still working tho, was yours?
  17. Do you still have the car?
  18. Well i ended up selling it to a mate and missed it everytime i saw it about. So today i bought it back :)
  19. Well i changed my mind (again!), I've still got it. It will be going on Piston heads soon. It would be a shame to break it up but i will if it doesn't sell. Its just too stiff and uncomfortable for me. Real shame as i've always wanted a car like it.
  20. That does sound odd. Diesels are alot harder on oil than petrols, maybe it wasn't changed at the last service or they used a poor quality oil.
  21. Right, i have decided. I will list it on ebay for breaking and see what offers i get. If i don't get much interest i will keep it. I've been offered a cheap diesel car from a mate so will run that for now.
  22. If i could just store it and get another car i would but i'd need the cash to get something else, a boring diesel estate is more use to me :( It owes me about 1200 quid, breaking it is the only way i could get most of it back
  23. It is a shame to lose another Corolla but its too much work and money to get it looking right and more than i can afford to spend on it and as i said its running crap again and i don't know why. I'd rather break it and the decent parts on there go to enthusiasts than me sell the car as a whole for not alot of money and it just getting scrapped one day. What could you offer for the parts you want? PM me if you like.
  24. I'm still not sure what i should do, its started running rough again and its rubbish on fuel which isn't helping. I'm wondering what all the parts are worth if i break the car? I cant see the car is worth much as it is with the damage on it and its mostly pink. TTE front bumper TTE spoiler TTE springs 16" MiM alloys Leather interior Stainless cat back exhaust Strut brace Rear axle from a facelift car with drilled discs Toyota CD changer