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  1. No problems for me that you have described although not driven it at 70 much and in 6 weeks only done 600 miles lol. Hill start is really smooth for me, I am shocked at how good it is.
  2. Tried it with my wife's phone also. Will try a USB stick
  3. My socket does not recognise the phone either it charges but I can't play music via USB very strange. This is with a Galaxy S5.
  4. Not 100% sure sorry as the S5 can't see the app :( do a Google search.
  5. S3 should work s5 foes not sadly. Do you have the mirrorlink app?
  6. I wouldn't want to make it any lower personally. It is a bit high at the back but not enough to mess with for me.
  7. Enjoying the car with no real issues so far. It's the most fun car I have had for many years and I love driving it, so much better than our 14 plate yaris whihc I now hate to drive.
  8. I stopped using the local quick wash people as they scratched our Yaris.
  9. Cool I used a guy called Zaff from Project Karma, top guy and did a great job.
  10. Cool. Haven't seen any others on the road yet I am in Filton.
  11. Here are some better non camera phone photos colours look better.
  12. Here are some better non camera phone photos colours look better.
  13. Mrrikki

    My Aygo

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