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  1. No problems for me that you have described although not driven it at 70 much and in 6 weeks only done 600 miles lol. Hill start is really smooth for me, I am shocked at how good it is.
  2. Tried it with my wife's phone also. Will try a USB stick
  3. My socket does not recognise the phone either it charges but I can't play music via USB very strange. This is with a Galaxy S5.
  4. Not 100% sure sorry as the S5 can't see the app :( do a Google search.
  5. S3 should work s5 foes not sadly. Do you have the mirrorlink app?
  6. I wouldn't want to make it any lower personally. It is a bit high at the back but not enough to mess with for me.
  7. Enjoying the car with no real issues so far. It's the most fun car I have had for many years and I love driving it, so much better than our 14 plate yaris whihc I now hate to drive.
  8. I stopped using the local quick wash people as they scratched our Yaris.
  9. Cool I used a guy called Zaff from Project Karma, top guy and did a great job.
  10. Cool. Haven't seen any others on the road yet I am in Filton.
  11. Here are some better non camera phone photos colours look better.
  12. Here are some better non camera phone photos colours look better.
  13. Mrrikki

    My Aygo

  14. Mrrikki

    IMG 4360

    From the album: My Aygo

  15. Mrrikki

    IMG 4359

    From the album: My Aygo

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    IMG 4357

    From the album: My Aygo

  17. Mrrikki

    IMG 4339

    From the album: My Aygo

  18. Great independent in Kingswood Bristol called wrapped up cars.
  19. Here's mine had the rear windows tinted yesterday.
  20. Had my rear windows and back window tinted yesterday.
  21. Mine was 2 days later than they said so got half a tank of fuel free. Also gave me a courtesy car for 2 weeks as our old aygo had to go back before the new one arrived.
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