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  1. Happy Birthday Sleepless!

  2. well since these guys convinced me to keep the paseo and get rid of the starlet I decided to pull out the 4efte and straight swap it in, then sold the gt off to the wreckers for $900. Goes well enough for now but I still need to do a few things before I really try it out, fuel pump and all that. Now the 5e-fe is being rebuilt after finally finding someone who will forge pistons and sourced out some Sera conrods. Putting in a big copper head gasket and using RX7 13bt injectors, Motec M4, should be beasty when it's ready to come back again
  3. ahh I'm trying to sell the paseo not spend more money on it. The starlet would just be there as a run around cos I hear they don't eat much fuel. Unlike my other new car that I am spending my dollars on, 97 Ford Probe V6 2.5L supercharged :)
  4. hey guys, I'm thinking of adding a starlet GT to the garage as a guy is selling it off for $3000 to head overseas. Just wanted to know what these things are capable of.. and what mods can be done to the engine before you have to go really expensive and shell out for a motec to control your injection. thanks
  5. ahh yeah, damnit I wish they stocked this stuff in a reliable store. Anyone ever tried replacing the shimms between valve stem and cam lobe?
  6. hmm thanks for that... well I'm convinced the paseo is cursed. Can you guys shed some light on where to find the tubular intake manifold or dual stage?
  7. that's cool, there was a performance place in Dandenong that could get a few items for paseos. Don't ask me the name or anything but it's definitely in Dandy the last time I was there... how many places like that could there be? :P As for your v8 friends... I guess you can just remind them of how much you pay at the petrol bowser
  8. Does anyone know what brands make bigger throttlebody, intake manifolds or camshafts for 92 paseos? Or what cars you could steal it from. I bought my venom manifold off a guy on paseopimp before the forum died and I've been through the venom site and can't find any applications for the paseo, only found replacement cams so I might have to go for a regrind to spec and couldn't find anything about a bigger throttlebody. Does anybody have any ideas?
  9. thanks for that. yeah I've gone through your catalogue Riko(handy piece thanks man) which is where I saw the Jet and Venom units, although I haven't found anywhere that says the Venom can be applied on the Paseo. That aside, they want $80 US to get it to Australia... which is a total gyp. I can't imagine the box and wires weighing much or not fitting in a shoebox. So they can eat my *****. Trying to find someone in the US to look into a shipping rate for something that would weigh about 11lbs at the most. If it still comes to $80 I'll deal with it but if it can be shipped out for less I'm quite willing to pay for the Jet and the shipping in the US and then to Aus. Just have to find someone that I can trust and that will trust me hehe if it helps I work for the state police computer crimes :P
  10. hey all, just wondering if anyone has tried either the Jet or Venom add ons for the Paseo. If you have would you be able to tell me a little about the install and if you really felt the benefit from it. Thanks guys
  11. ciao bella, where abouts in Aus are you? Cos I know a few shops that aren't on the net that can get parts for the paseo that I've had trouble getting shipped here. XRacing used to be good but they've stopped alot of paseo gear. I had to threaten to backhand him just to get the scissor door kit. Well not really, just wog intimidation :P
  12. Hey all, Big thanks to everyone with all the help I've gotten from this forum in fixing up and maintaining the paseo but it's time to say goodbye, I got an offer of AU$7500 and I'm jumping on it. Going to step up a notch and grab a 97 Ford Probe V6 2.5L. Unfortunately the police don't pay me enough to keep both cos the seo has really grown on me. Thanks again and keep up the good work guiding modders :)
  13. well I don't know if it was the right thing to do but I used GL4 when I did an oil change on my tranny. Had no problems with it.
  14. hey, wish I'd seen this earlier. I don't know of any UK places but http://www.xracing.com.au in the after market parts section have the m3 mirrors and what everyone else said before.. m3 mirrors are universal, I got mine on the same order as 2 friends. One has a mitsubishi mirage and the other a nissan 180sx.
  15. Mine is named after the lobster on the simpsons(Pinchy) cos it's that bright red from the 1st gens.
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