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  1. Hi has anyone any ideas on the possible cost of taking out a two year extended warranty on my 2008 Mk2 Prius 1.5 with a mileage of 30000mls. Also are the extended warranties costs worth the money? Thanks in anticipation. Helmar.
  2. Thanks everyone for your valued input, I am just about to do my renewal cheers Martin.
  3. Thanks for the information, makes good reading.
  4. Hi I am just coming up to time to renew the roadside breakdown cover that was supplied when I purchased my Prius. For £66 is it as good a deal as it would appear. Anyone had cause to use the service, and found any problems. Thanks in anticipation.
  5. Thanks for your reply I was thinking I had a problem, cheers.
  6. Hi, new to this section of the club, as I have just recently purchased a 2008 T-spirit Prius 1.5 and this morning was the first outing in darkness. I noticed that the switches on the steering wheel for audio and air con were not illuminated. Is this normal or do I have a fault. Would appreciate if anyone con give me an answer. Can't find anything in manual.
  7. Will certainly give it a try, nothing to loose.
  8. FROSTYBALLS. Thanks for your input, I fear I may have shot myself in the foot on this one. I like to be loyal to engineers that have well looked after me in the past. But I feel they may not be correct with the warranty information on this occasion.
  9. Last June I purchased my 09 plate Auris 1.33 .Last month it needed its Major service+ being 4yrs old. I asked two independent motor engineers would it invalidate the warranty supplied with vehicle on purchase, as it was a Toyota approved vehicle if it was serviced by someone other than Toyota, using approved parts and service book updated with a garage stamp. Both of the engineers said it would not invalidate the warranty. Interested to hear any comments re experience of this subject. I am familiar with the fact that a new vehicle can be serviced by other dealers without invalidating the warranty, but not sure on used vehicles. The reason I am asking the question is I have a very short time left on warranty and today I seem to have adopted a whine from the gearbox.
  10. helmar

    Clutch Judder

    My 1.33 Auris 2009 with 35000 miles recorded appears to be developing a judder on releasing the clutch pedal from stationary in 1st gear. I have not detected any clutch slip and the clutch starts to bite about half way up the pedal stroke. Also if I try to rush the change from 1 to 2 it tends to crunch. Otherwise changes in gear are quite smooth. Not sure if it's just me but I also suspect that the gearbox has more of a whine to it than it had when I first got the car. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced similar problems. Purchased the car from MrT June this year with a 12 month warranty. Have already had a front offside top suspension mounting and a new steering column fitted under warranty.
  11. Now resolved.
  12. HI all, I am new to TOC, James from York. I run a 2004 Corolla. Hope to tap into experienced users views and comments. Cheers.
  13. helmar

    Ecu Problem?

    Now resolved.
  14. Welcome to the Toyota forums helmar :)