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  1. Hey all, can anyone help me find the correct brake pads and discs for my yaris? I've passed the MOT but had advisories for pads and discs. I'm terrible with car parts etc, but know someone that could fit them for me if I got what I needed. It's a 5 door, 06 reg, 1.3 engine.
  2. Hi, Yes its got the CD player. It's tempting to upgrade it but I just think it's going to look awful and too boy racery for my liking if I can't get it to match
  3. Hi all, I just became a proud owner of a Yaris for my first car! (1.3, 06 model) Well, I haven't picked it up yet (Will be on Wednesday), but am making arrangements for making it my own lil thing. Anyway, I'm looking for something so my iPhone can plug into the car to charge and play music. Can anyone help me out here for something cheapish and easy to use.
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums Walle :)

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