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  1. I was quoted hundreds of Euro at Toyota Spain to fix this for new ones or expensive bulbs. The metallic lining paint behind the headlamps fails and buying high powered bulbs is an utter red herring and ineffective. Toyota won't admit this. Here's how you fix it: Get yourself some metallic adhesive tape as used for heating ducts. You will be slicing it into traingular pieces and carefully sticking them onto the inside of a cleaned, removed headlamp. The tricky part is safely removing the unit and carefully placing it in your home oven so to soften the factory adhesive sufficiently for you
  2. Yes thanks. I saw it on the ramp as such. Much bigger job than I first thought to be fair. I've had the thing ultrasonically cleaned now - "it was filthy" - and an awaiting fixture again. The pipes connecting it I've discovered have since been redesigned widened by Toyota in newer models but my mechanic says those wider pipes are unavailable now. Seems like a Toyota admission of substandard design that doesn't help performance of the unit. I'll report back here once car is back in road.
  3. How long does a mechanic take to remove a DPF from a DFD2.2 2007 177hp estate Avensis for cleaning? I'm being told 6 man hours and it seems instinctively excessive for something under the car just for it's temporary removal so I can take it for an ultrasonic deep clean where it is cut in half then rewelded afterwards.
  4. Paul Gailey


    i can only talk from experience... my T180 (2.2DFD 177) 2006, 180K just had the dreaded p2002 particulate bank trapped code confirmed, bad catalytic convertor confirmed by the dealer. I had no fuel consumption warning of this, no eggy exhaust odours, or uneven acceleration of the problem. Am being quoted about €2200 for a replaced new cat. Here's what I struggle to understand, the aftermarket part sites quote between €300-600 for a new part, eg a Walker CAT. How can Toyota charge so much more on the item? is it really that different, that much work to put it on? m
  5. OK, less a drama than annoyance.... the metal foil covering the hard plastic of the gear knob is steadily peeling away. Finding these spares is near impossible and the replacement new ones seems a little pricey. Anyone made a good DIY fix on these with good tips to share. Like how to safely remove all of the foil even in the grooves or a supplier who can metal recoat to a high quality finish?
  6. Dealer inspected it. Said it's wheel bearings. I don't know their typical fail rate. About 250 EUR to repair!
  7. Thanks. It's mostly extra inspection, not actual replacement. I suspect big wallet opening time awaits me.
  8. What's the difference between a full and intermediate service?
  9. I don't know how best to describe it, but the engine has developed a sort of wah wah revving sound, that so far has not had any adverse effect on fuel consumption or driving behaviour. (I may even record it and attach the sound if I can isolate the sound whilst driving) I wonder what it could be and if it forebodes?
  10. You may be able to remove the condensation caps on the rear of headlamp units and and blow hot air around the for a few hours. Or the bumper removal will be last resort to (actually the trick is never to totally remove the front bumper but just pull it forward).
  11. If not the original battery, then a replacement similar spec. How many years? I think my original just did 7 years before dieing, very suddenly. Feels about right, but I'm curious. Chip in.
  12. Is it possible to determine that the battery is at fault and not some short circuit? Mine has died at the same time that the fuel gauge still indicates a 100% full tank which is suspicious , no?
  13. Is it possible to determine that the battery is at fault and not some short circuit? Mine has died at the same time that the fuel gauge still indicates a 100% full tank which is suspicious , no?
  14. Alas this morning the battery was flat, even though the gauge still shows full. Removing the seats to get to the sender sounds awkward. Gonna have to look into this a lot more. :(
  15. Is there a devoted fuse for the fuel gauge? My gauge is not moving and I'm hoping it's nothing more serious than a blown fuse.
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