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  1. Required asap really either roofbars or roofrack for Hiace van. Many thankies!!!
  2. Think I still have one in the loft. Ill check tonight!!
  3. :!Removed!: Well not posted for a while so thought Id pop in and say hi , As it says I have 12 days of freedom left before I get married to my lovely mrs. Will post some pics up of the do if anyone is interested!! Still miss my Celicas and hope soon to get my hands on a gen5 gt4 at somepoint so I can start coming to JAE santa pod etc.
  4. Still got my speecy 48k,nintendo,nin64,ps1, the whole lot!! Best games were on the spectrum. Manic miner and jet set willy totally loved those games. Also lotus turbo esprit was class. On the N64 has to be goldeneye and starwings. 34 and still playing games guess ill not grow up
  5. why did he leave his details if he did'nt do it ? surly that is admitting liability,you need to start building a defencecos it is going to be expensive. My mother in-law is in insurance she always says dont admit anything let the lawyers deal with it . He gave the details as he fel it best to when faced by four blokes having a go. What annoys me is the driver was not even in the car yet hes trying to claim loss of income due to being injured. So when does a small van reversing into a parking spot damage a car beyond being able to drive it and how has he substained such injuries? The bloke is milking it and to be honest im all up for going to the taxi co and asking for his hours etc. the bloke is a muppet and there is no visible damage to my dads van
  6. A classic very dark at times but a must watch film. Seen it too many times know it word for word!! "Im going to tear you a new a**hole" ..." Well pilgrim not until you eat the peanuts ouuta my S***" Top film!!
  7. Well my dad the other week went into derby to post some letters, he parked in a tight spot went into the post office and when he came out there were four men waiting claiming he had hit one of their cars. My step dad said he hadnt and to be honest if he had he would own up as hes like that. So he left his details anyway and now the taxi bloke is trying to sue him for loss of earnings due to the car being undriveable and he has body damage to himself!! The thing is the taxi driver was not even in the car!!!! also if my stepdad had hit it it would be minor damage to the bumper as he was reversing! The bloke is using one of those no win no fee companies so guess they going for broke. Thing is there is cctv outside the place so we can hopefully get some footage and get this bloke done for fraud. This is why insurance rates are soaring as pikeys like this are claiming allsorts
  8. Its funny I also post on a football forum (my team) and loads of those were bigging up the bnp stating that they had polish/muslims/asains in their party. I nearly spat my coffee up the wall at such b***s . Also watched the thing on sun morning with the vicar who is in the bnp he said oh yes a minority of the faith are in the bnp.... heh 1 him and only him. Also the leader got done over on the bbc got riled that much when they mentioned the bbc he replied "yes robin hood on the tv with a black friar tuck whats going on?" .....showed his true colours. I didnt vote to be honest but would get the heck out of this country if the bnp ever get power. They also asked the vicar to take a dna test and if he was not "british" then would he go back to where he came from. The bloke was stuttering like mad!! We do need changes in the government but for the good not for a bunch of !Removed! wanabees to take control.
  9. Strange my call of duty 4 modern warfare got scratched in the way only if you move the box whilst its running. Impossible as its in the tv stand so was rather upset by this. Anyhow lent it a friend and he tried to use it but to no avail. He then put a load of t-cut on it and cleaned it up and it now runs perfectly. A lot cheaper than getting one of those kits off ebay, so if you have the same problem try it as it seems to work. Thought Id pass that one on! :D
  10. Its been fantastic here today sun out so managed to do my tasks of mowing and the gardening although there are some dark clouds moving over now. Hope its not bad got an outdoor job again tomorrow so fingers crossed
  11. farcry2 is awesome but playing gears when i can get the controller off the mrs lol she is an addict on cod5 :(
  12. same as me jim. had dead rising forza2 pgr ............ hardly played them at all only ones are the godfather which i have got so so far on yet again stopped playing cod4 online was the major game we played but now its between gears2 and the new cod i tried blazing angels again but got owned lol and tiger woods o9 but always seem to go back to first person shooters think mine is up to 33 and 29 xbox arcade games lol!!!!!!! sad or what!
  13. agree its awesome she brought it last night so been on it big time!! Is that keef sutherland doing the voice on the clips or am I going mad lol my mate has farcry2 he says it is well worth gettting i had a blast and its pretty damm good and a massive map now im torn as gears of war 2 owns but so does cod5 lol ....... tough choices on a sat!!!
  14. :) awesome game I love the Hoard idea anybody fancy a Toc hoard party sometime. oh yeah the new cod looks good played the beta but only bought one game as money a bit tight lol!!!
  15. COD 4 get gears of war as well. the new one is coming out soon so id get the first one as it will be cheap and rocks !!! I was an online COD 4 addict but just now me and the mrs are on tiger 2009 and heh the Wii fit board.......tis a killer barstool thing says im underbalanced , ah well back to tiger woods it is ?AWESOME :P
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