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  1. It's not an aftermarket but jbl upgrade only works with toyota head unit
  2. It's easy to install. Plug and play although not an official option. Part same as IQ , hardest bit is fitting Ariel on windscreen. Toyota tech eu didn't have a guide so I used one for IQ, same unit as one that fits tns 510
  3. No it's not a software update, you need to replace a piece of hardware costs about 750 but you can sell the go bit from your on eBay for a few hundred
  4. Yes it can I have done it, you need to pick up a nav unit from eBay or dealer make sure has maps with it. Then you need a series of facia parts which are quite pricey from Mr T . Is a relatively easy DIY job. Look on www.toyota-tech.eu under instalation manuals, you will then have a full set of instructions and part numbers. I have a standard facia mounts and cd if anyone is changing their iq and wants to transplant their old sat nav into new iq to save a small fortune. Would be open to any reasonable offers. David
  5. It is for my 12 plate hybrid . have just had it fitted .
  6. Have now tried apn foot virginmobile.uk User user Password blank Still wont work. Search provider not available is error
  7. Have blackberry 9015 pearl. Does not work. Connects but says search provider not available. Toyota apn is vdata. Is setting for South Africa according to virgin. Virgin won't help but say can tether fine if have correct settings Any help appreciated
  8. I have a touch and go plus. Latest release. I have a blackberry pearl 9015. When I co next to Internet it connects but if attempt a search or Internet function it says search provider not available. I am on virgin. Toyota setting is apn vdata. Virgin won't support but say phone will tether is settings correct. Help please
  9. I have steering button . When pushed screen says voice recognition not available. Go is an add on module to touch and go plus is just a different add on. Toyota tech have instructions to fit it ?
  10. I have an auris hybrid t spirt 12 plate with touch and go. How much is the go plus module unfitted does anyone know
  11. I fitted the plumb seats , full instructions on toyota tech site or were. I removed old covers , need a hair dryer and time, I was told the if the covers were left on the air bags were compromised and would be unsafe. The air bag straps on the plumb seats need sewing in to the seat frame or the side bags in seats will be dangerous if deployed. It takes a long time to do the job properly but I thought it was worth it. Dont do it yourself unless competent as can compromise car safety . David H
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  13. Welcome to the Toyota forums davidhughes :)