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  1. Long story, my sis borrowed my car and managed to damage it quite severely, but from wot i can c, it seems to be cosmetic damage only. Does any1 hav a front bumber and passengerside front wing for sale?? Preferably in silver, but any other cars welcome. Thank you for your time Humayun OH yeah its for a Paseo btw lol
  2. what would be the result of me fitting wheels with a 30mm offest? Theyre 7.5x16", wil they foul the inner arches? Some1 please tell me, coz this offset business confuses me Thanx peeps
  3. Here are a couple of shots that i took like 35mins ago. The light outside aint brilliant and the car is quite grubby but oh well. Oh yeh, the pics r reasonably dark,if u turn up the brightness on ur monitor, u will be able to see sum details of the car a bit clearer. Enjoy
  4. Or u could just wait till the hot weather kicks in, all u need to do then is let the car sun bathe and rip them off. WD40,T-Cut,Break Cleaner, these will all get rid of the sticky residue left over. Hope this helps dude
  5. Thanx mate. It cost me £30 all together. The fella on the satnd was sellin the ally pipe kit for £25, and the filter for £15, i bargained the two, plus a breather filter all for £30 wich i personally fink is brilliant. Considering its a cheap filter, its sounds nice and is much more responsive.
  6. Hello TOC ppl, jus thgt id show u my Autosport International Souvenire Please let me kno wot u think :D
  7. Im now 20 (was 19 wen policy was taken out) I have 0 NCB, 3 points (nearly a year old) I pay just over £850 TPFT with Elephant. I put both my sisters on my policy as named drivers wich brought price down by a couple of hundred quid.
  8. Yordi The part numbers u have given, are they the onlu numbers needed for a pair of crystal headlamps? Or are there seperate nimbers for both side, i will be very greatful if u cud clarify Thanx
  9. Mine swivels up/clockwise, to reveal the lock.
  10. I recently changed my 'cheapie' stainless backbox for a black chrome not so cheap backbox. The reason for changing was due to the baffles going in the old backbox which resulted in a rather nasty ropey sound when accellerating hard!! The new backbox is much better, its got better back pressure which helps, but i miss hte loudness of the other exhaust before it went bad. Now, as far as i can see, just after the backbox on the exhaust system, there is a length of pipe which is much wider than the rest of the system, i am guessing this is a silencer?? If it is, will i gain anything by removing the silencer and replacing it with a bit of straight-through pipe? I mainly want to do it to make it louder,but im concerned about the back pressure? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanx
  11. Very tidy dude!! Im a big fan of ur mota!! Well done
  12. 96 Gen2 Paseo ST, metallic silver from Chichester, West Sussex
  13. Very nice pics, all cars are in ya face!! I prefer the simplistic JDM look tho, but still, very nice! That CRX very sweetly ove modded
  14. Ive got a seo ST, mine has got a bulb in it and it works :P
  15. I c rour going for a Rage backbox, i had a rage on my starlet, theyre pretty good, the tuning baffle helps with the back pressure but completely quietens the exhaust down, altho that may not be the case with u coz uve got a cat-back system wheras i only had the back box. Kets us know what sort of difference you get from fitting the Rage
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