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  1. Jerbs

    Best Mpg

    Just made my fourth full fill up and got 60.0mpg from the previous tank, my best so far.
  2. Jerbs

    Aygo Stereo

    Yep, the stereo is pants, thinking of getting a new head unit and speakers for my fire.
  3. Jerbs

    Best Mpg

    Had my Aygo Fire 10 days and I've just filled her up for the second time this morning. Managed 427 miles out of my first full tank, worked it out and it's about 58mpg, quite happy considering this should improve with the more miles I do. EDIT: I should add that the 427 miles was between fill ups so not quite a full tank.
  4. I've had my Aygo Fire just over a week and the sound quality is awful for a new car. I had an old Ford Ka before it and the sound quality was much better than the Aygo.
  5. I'm after some car mats for my 2012 Aygo fire and was wondering if mats with holes for the floor clips for 2005 onwards models will fit in my 2012 Aygo? Thanks
  6. Glad you're enjoying it :D I'm picking mine up tomorrow from 1pm, was going to go with the Mrs but the olympic torch is going through our area at the same time so she's staying to watch it.
  7. Cheers for the replies, still haven't picked it up but I did pass a lorry carrying a load of white aygos on the motorway yesterday. Hoping to hear something today!
  8. Hi. I recently ordered a new Aygo Fire in white (would have loved it in orange, but can't justify the additional price) and it is due into the garage today fingers crossed. Just a couple of questions: 1. Once the car arrives at the garage how long will I have to wait until I can pick it up? 2. This is the first brand new car I've bought and was wondering if I will need to go easy on the engine for the first few hundred miles? 3. I've read many reviews and noticed problems with the clutch, water leaks around window seals etc on older cars, have these problems been rectified on the new 2012 aygo? Thanks in advance!
  9. Jerbs


    As has been said only the fire comes with DRL. The fire focuses on looks (alloys, tinted windows etc.) and the ice focuses more on comfort (air-con, bluetooth etc.)
  10. Welcome to the Toyota forums Jerbs :)