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  1. Sounds like a job for https://sugru.com/buy/?gclid=CLeRq96VlcYCFQQXwwodno4FHA Haha that stuff is flexible it wouldn't work, the Unibond epoxy putty works fine. It's like white tac then when it sets it's rock solid and can be sanded and painted.
  2. Daode

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  3. So recently I moved out and my boot hinge decided to break. The hinge is plastic with a metal nut encased in the plastic for the bolt to screw into. I haven't ever forced my boot closed and I am usually very careful when closing it, due to the boot being all glass. So I held the boot on with some good old bungee cord just to get home. I managed to push the nut back into the housing and filled the gaps with epoxy resin, placed the broken bit of plastic back in and covered it with more resin. I left it for a day to set then the next day screwed the nut back in hand tight, but this first fix fa
  4. Ahh ok, I have the same car as you a 2006 Aygo black. It surprises me that their isnt more aftermarket parts for these cars. Their must be another way to do it, if their is anywhere that sells the led part on its own as a diy job?
  5. That looks really good thanks for sharing the info, I just had a look at Autostyle.nl and it has a good selection of products but think they only ship to Belgium and Netherlands :(
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums Daode :)

    1. Daode


      Thank you. I will be updating my profile, sharing details about my car and joining in the fun soon haha.

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