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  1. do's not matter what brand but put gum gum exhaust putty on pipe first then wrap the exhaust wadding'/tape around,let dry till hard,yes you can let car run to dry putty.jobs a good one...
  2. Deggs

    Spark Plugs

    good selection on Ebay, Denso type
  3. Kristy, look at the link to Petrol Filter where is it at the top of the Corolla Forum page, sure this is the same as the 2001 model. There is a PDF diagram of the filter.
  4. Hi try checking the bulb connection, there could be a loose bulb or a dirty connection or loose wire.
  5. I had this problem with a Ford car, turns out the rubber was perishing on the switch on the door and the wires were worn inside causing it to short switching the light on.
  6. Spoke to a mechanic at work, if you use a fuel additive regularly it brakes down the impurities in the fuel and helps to keep the filter cleaner? thus lasting much longer and keeping the jets atomising the fuel more efficiently, WOW
  7. If the filter is designed to last long time, what is the longest it will last?????
  8. Not sure how to change the bulb not seen inside a 2011 model , mine 2001 has a little reses where I put a small flat screwdriver in on the right side of the plastic and prised it open, replaced mine in boot also with 12 LED cluster lights without any trouble, nice and bright now .Won't damage the electrics as most LED only run on 5v and LED's have come a long way now as replacement bulbs for cars.
  9. I paid £800 for my 2001 corolla GS 1.6 VVTi in May 2012 and it had 77000 on clocks, touch wood running as new, cannot fault it accept for the slapping wipers. May be better to spend money getting another car?????
  10. I know most people avoid taking their cars to main dealers because of the ridiculous prices they charge, but sometimes It really is worth it in the end, after replacing so many parts and running up a huge bill to still be in the same predicament as when you first started, it could be much cheaper in the end to let these people have a look at it. Worth a try!
  11. Obviously I am the only one with or have experienced Slapping wipers, not many members mention they have had the same problem. Going to buy a new one next month. Considering this car is 11 years old, it still drives as new so I cannot really complain about this trivial issue.
  12. Pleased I started this topic, we even have a diagram...I use a fuel additive every 6 months to remove any nasty's in the tank. I was just curious as I do my own servicing and people always ask me if I have changed the Fuel filter as part of the service and despite crawling all over the engine I was unable to find it, also EBay always has filters on their site for the 2001 model corolla?????Thanks to every one who has contributed to this topic.Deggs
  13. Don't mind the play on them but the slapping noise really is annoying
  14. So does this not need replacing if full of crap? after 11 years of driving
  15. Yes its defo air flow from within the pipe causing it to reverberate against the exhaust chrome finisher, the glue is used to stick it to the pipe but the pressure and heat are causing small gaps between the surface's causing that strange noise.
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