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  1. Apparently not so bizarre!! According to Toyota, so long as it has bluetooth and air con, it is deffo a 'blue' dependant on when it was manufactured.........................but not forced to have the blue trim things.
  2. feathersmac

    Aygo Blue

    Hello All, I have an eleven plate Aygo blue, but on the speedo and on other parts in the cabin mine arnt blue, they are silver, but on other blue Aygo's ive seen the dials etc are in blue? any ideas please? Also, where would i get a 'more solid gear stick/knob' for it?
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums feathersmac :)

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      Thanks Steve :)

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      I 'stumbled ' on the forum on google whilst looking to buy a pair of scuff plates for my aygo blue, and it directed me to partking, i think he's called. Do you know if they are easy to fit please? ive seen them on e-bay for £41.99 with free p and p, does that sound about right? :)