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  1. Happy Birthday Corolla IOM!

  2. My tax is £137 but i live in the isle of man so could be different :-\ my lift is finally fixed XD so happy! just ordered a set of prada spec 2 and some lowering springs eibach pro kit 30mm. not to low because the manx roads are crap! Can't wait to get it back on the road!! I got messed around with my rims so im now not getting them because they are in stock at the end of may and i need them on my car with in 2 weeks. Isle of Man TT doesn't wait for no one. and they do a one way system of the mountain with noooo speed limit! Manx to the max yessir!
  3. love what you have done to your car and are doing is class all your attention to detail keep it up :)
  4. this next pic is when we had really bad snow so i put my car in thte shed and the weight of the snow on the roof started to collapse the sheeting so i had to prop the beams up, very intense day i tell ya haha!
  5. Finally my car is in the garage getting a good old seeing too, here is another pick just for fun ;) hope fully getting a new exhaust soon and soom new rims at the end of the month ;-) trying to get my car readdy for isle of man TT starts end of may!
  6. Wanting to upgrade my air box and get an induction kit but torn what one to get?? Was going to go for the KnN typhoon but just recently read problems about them throwing up lights, having to extent the maf wires etc so what do you reckon? Is piper cross any good? Thanks, Michael :-)
  7. Thanks very much that's a great help i will explore that and see what happens cheers :-)
  8. Well i still havenyt got anywhere with my lift problem and would love my car back on the road so please any help would be greatfull :) i removed rocker cover and had a look round everything seemed to be in good order, lift pin was free and easy couldnt find the filter anywhere but couldnt find any blockages. but i did notice a little dent on the side of one of my cams but not where it is ran on so i dont think that is a problem so i put it back together and still no lift so i need a deceleration (sideways) but can not find one anywhere so if anyone knows any sites that could be helpfull please let me know :) cheers
  9. great car mate looking good!
  10. Cheers steve :) ah brilliant no i no what to go for for rims. i have 205/40/17 now and i didnt like it such low profile so i shall try 45, thanks mike!
  11. cheers yessir! going to get some new ones tho as these have dents on them but not to sure to go for 16" or 17" any advice welcome :)
  12. ahh well thats not to bad i guess :) orite yer i get ya i think i will upgrade mine as i will be wanting to get a few trackdays in this year all going well :)
  13. sorry to hear about the bumps mate. your car looks good! going well so far :) im wanting to get a strut brace for mine too and induction. did you upgrade the clutch or put a standard one in?