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  1. Just a little further review from my previous on this Forum... Managed to put over 600miles in the car over the weekend. There is definitely a couple of quirks that I will need to monitor: 1) The hill start brake isn't as smooth in the release as it should, felt like I need to rev more before I get it released as I let the clutch off. Might just be the way I drive and it doesn't met the car's logic system to releasing the brakes promptly. 2) Sudden, not dangerous but significant to notice, drop in power when reving in the 3000 range (70mph). It's as if I accidentally hit the speed limiter and it's rev limiting my speed down. It comes and goes on 2 occasion as I was potting along the M11. It wasn't at the incline or decline stretch, so something is playing up. Anyone care to share if they've got similar experience?
  2. Really enjoying the car and the X Touch is brilliant for what I need. Nokia MixRadio, much like Spotify except it actually works with X Touch, by displaying the artist and music title. The little extra is nice, like the hill start assist. Still takes awhile to get use to not needing my handbrake at lights located at top of hill. One negative thing about the Aygo when compared to the iQ is some of the extra quality finishing. The plastic on the handbrake, the dashboard storage box plastic (I know, I shouldn't complain as the iQ didn't even have one!), but it gives it a 'cheaper' finish. Just minor niggles. Going to get the rears tinted this weekend, will show photos then when it's done.
  3. Anyone who's got their new Aygo find that the wheel to wheel arch ratio is a little too small? Standing at the side, I can see right into the arches. Tempting my mind into lowering it a little. Mind you, I drove an iQ and that car did have a stilts look I initially didn't like but got over it within 3 days.
  4. I've only just picked mine up yesterday after work. First impression (compared to my previous car, iQ), it's definitely better than what I test drove (Aygo Fire) a few years back. The gear don't feel like I'm stirring soup. The X-Pression trim gives me enough stuff without feeling like everything is automated. Will have to drive more and see how it feels, 20miles in and the drive comfort is definitely better than the iQ, not as nippy like a Go Kart but I now have space and doors for when I start planning a family soon. The engine is the same but there's something fun about starting the Aygo. Yes, it's a straight 3 but it sounds like it's got a tiger in a engine the size of a house tabby!
  5. I ordered mid July during a closed door promo at my local dealer, was told as its new reg, it'll be 1st Sept. Mines a Red Xpression, only option was black alloy. Maybe your dealer is being conservative so he don't disappoint?
  6. Fantastic! Is that around the date you were quoted? Sooner? Later? :) Quoted for the first, as it's a new reg but coming on the 2nd isn't an issue for me, so yes, it's later... by a day.
  7. Woohoo! Got my call today, picking it up after work on Tuesday, can't wait!
  8. That's really good for £90. National garage or indie? I am tempted when I get my red...
  9. I'm thinking as you're waiting for the Sept reg, your car will have a slightly better resale value in a few years time, maybe a wise move long term :)Although if it was me, I would want the car as soon as it came out ! I ordered on the 2nd week of July, so it's been a long wait! I didn't like the 14 plate (Chinese superstition), so had to wait for the 64... I was originally told 2 weeks......that was 3 weeks ago! That was if i had grey as it would be October if i wanted red or white! Now i'm being told a whole load of Aygos have had to ''go back'' due to a bumper problem.......ah erm.....i think its simply a case of demand is too great at the moment. I also had no choice of reg plate Mine is a Red X-Pression with black alloy... ordered back in July, they better be ready on the 1st! :arrgg-matey:
  10. At least you guys got a call. I have nothing apart from a post, where I had to sign for my new 64 Reg. No reg choice like Zach. I've been told when I paid the deposit, I should expect the car for the 1st September. Let's see how that goes...
  11. Not according to the manual. (Been reading it before I even got the car!) As long as you keep the USB format to Fat/FAT2, it reads any compatible files including WMA. You can keep them in folders but no deeper than 8 hierarchy.
  12. There's an X-Clusive around where my missus works. (Leeds/Wakefield) I'm still waiting for my 64 Red Aygo, with black X and black alloy - as I don't like silver alloy and red. Not as big a difference and will probably become common as the base colour is Red. After 2.5 years of owning a White car, never again. Hard work keeping it shiny!
  13. 3 years ago, the MK 1 was out for over 5 years and the editions were priced competitively. I have a feeling with the end of the iQ, and the upping of quality of the Aygo MK 2 to match, that's why they're asking for a premium.
  14. Thanks Devon Aygo. I thought the eBay seller was trying on some BS. I did msg Parts King, including delivery, I am a few quid off dealers, so I might as well get it from Toyota when picking up my car. Shame I'm not closer to discounters and don't fancy mucking the car up on day one.