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  1. mmw109

    Charge Lead

    It was both. I'll have a look around to see if I've got a better extension lead to hand.
  2. mmw109

    Charge Lead

    Hi, I received my new Plug-in Prius Today ! So I can finalyl update my fuelly acount and avatar. However In order for the charge lead to reach from my plug socket to the car I've had to pretty much park blocking the front door ! Is it possible to buy a lsightly longer (mayb 2ft longer) Charge Lead from Toyota or some third party ? I've found some american posts about this which suggests it is possible in America, but no luck with UK devices so far. (I plugged it into an extension lead for a few minutes , but that is 'strictly forbidden' and it got pretty hot, so I won't be doing that again).
  3. Thanks. Have you ever tried to synch up your calendar ? Does anyone have experience with an Android Phone ?
  4. I've got a new Plugin Hybrid due to arrive next week, and by coincidence my phone contract is up for renewal in September. As such I thought I'd see what phone I could get that would give me access to all the Touch & Go Plus features. According to this, NONE : http://www.toyota-europe.com/own/bluetooth/bluetooth_connect.tmex How can Toyota advertise a list of features on their system if there doesn't actually exist a phone that supports them ? I understand "Not all features may work on all phones" but that's quite different (in my view) to "Not all features work on ANY phone". I can see ne
  5. I don't think you get Cruise control on T4 either do you ?
  6. And 28k sounds like a good price. The P11d price I've been given is over 34k. Quite underhand pricing on Toyota's part really, as you are forced to spend about £1k on paint options with no solid colour available (which I would have preferred anyway - Pearl White looks more like grey in some lights).
  7. This year ? Oh dear, I can't be waiting until the new Year. I would hope that I'm in the top 1500, but the toyota garage where I test drove a 2012 prius, did say they'd already sold 12 (a good few weeks ago) so if every garage has done that , there could a lot of cars in front of me. The dealer is currently being vague about deliveries as the code "isn't on the system yet" or some such obtuse reason. 9th July is a better guess than he was giving. ("up to 2 weeks from when it comes off the boat, if your order gets matched ...").
  8. Hi, I've just joined up because I've ordered a plug-in Pius. But i still don't even have a delivery date guess. Does anyone have any insider information about when these are likely to be arriving ?
  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums mmw109 :)

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