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  1. Thanks for the reply, Leeky. I will have a look at these bolts.
  2. Thamim, thanks for the link. I found those guys when I did a Google search for ST205 parts. I will definitely go back to them first - once I know which part needs replacing. Golden Bay NZ. Thanks for the tip. It was just my 'Usual Suspects' way of thinking. I will have the car up first an give the parts a check before buying, as you advised. When we last looked at the car, there was no play in the fig 8's. The car has also had a relatively easy life as well, so it should not reach 60K miles and just fail.
  3. gt4jas, thanks for having a look for me. I did see that listing, but was not sure how 'used' that part is - looks OK though. Leeky, I have not checked yet, but will definitely do so before spending any £'s. Just to be sure, was it the banana arm or the lower track control arm that was loose on your car? Thanks again, chaps!
  4. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I will be replacing the shocks and Fig 8's. I will be buying the parts myself. The shocks are OK, genuine Toyota parts (KYB) @ £219 a pair. The Fig 8's are pricey for what they are. £72.00 each is the best I can find in the UK. Anyone know of a supplier that can do these parts for any cheaper?
  5. Hi All, I have a Celica GT4 (ST205), which I have owned for the last 4-5 years. It was my daily driver up until 2 half years ago when my work required a more economical car. The Celica has sadly been sitting around for a bit. The front suspension has developed a knocking when the car is running at lower speeds, but it doesn't completely stop either at higher speeds. I am aware that the superstrut and figure of 8's need to be changed at 60k miles. The car has done just over 59k miles and to be honest is not driven hard. My mechanic has checked the car over and there is no play in relation to the fig 8's. So .... he reckons that it could be the front shocks which may be the issue, as when it was being MOT'd recently he noticed that there was creaking when the steering was turned. Can anyone give me any suggestions on whether to change the shocks or the fig 8's?
  6. Cheers, buddy! Just got to wait for the replacement lights to arrive :D
  7. Hi All, One of my rear light clusters from the early Gen 6 GT4 has a leak and I have a small fish tank in my indicator :P I am going to take advantage of this and upgrade to the later revised rear lights... Question is how do I get to the fittings that hold the lamps in?? Can't see any... just wanted to check before I start to remove panels unnecessarily. Any help would be appreciated, pictures will be better! Thanks in advance.
  8. Daft question but have you tried fuses and relays some times on my old cars stuff like this was linked through more than one fuse!!!!! And is owt else not workin to give you a startin point!!!???? Hi, thanks. I will have a look. I have just got it back from repairs after the Charge Cooler pump went and cost me £600 quid! I also had a flush through of the system as it was feeling a bit sluggish. Obviously, I would hope that the rear wash wipe is just a small thing, as I do not want to spend more on repairs.
  9. Hi All, Just discovered that my rear wash wipe is not working. Any ideas on how I can double check or a quick fix before having to take it to the garage? Thanks
  10. if ur gettin a new system i would get a de cat. more power and bit more buuurrrrrrble. if u car is a jap import 94 it will pass the mot with a de cat, if not its worth changin. i plan to do this soon as i drove a de cat 1 a few weeks ago and wanted 1 as soon as i out my fgoot down. far nicer note Thanks for the info. Yes, mine is a '94 Jap import. I look forward to hearing how you get on. The Kakimoto is expensive! I got a quote from Envy Performance and it is £600 odd quid!!!
  11. Hi All, I am looking for an aftermarket Cat back exhaust for my ST205 GT-4. I have in mind a Blitz Nur Spec R or a Kakimoto Racing TS322. I have a fair idea of the quality of the Blitz as I have had one of their backboxes on my old T-Sport, but does anyone have any experience with the Kakimoto??
  12. Thank you for your replies. I will look into paying for the subscription. For those interested, please find PM's sent. Cheers
  13. vitzpower


    Hi All, I've got some aftermarket bits for my old T-Sport to sell. I understand that I need to be a Gold member in order to have Seller's privilages. Does anyone know how I go about becoming a 'full' member?? Thanks in advance.
  14. Brill, thanks very much.