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  1. nice to hear you have a project planned. keep us updated.
  2. I joined this forum last year when i bought my first ever Toyota Carina E, i had it about 5 month and it developed the all the usual faults and i had to let it go. Since then ive had a few cars, my most recent one been a xsara picasso and now the clutch has gone on that! so i bought another Carina E which touch wood, is alright, apart from one snapped window regulator wire and a smidge of rust on bottom of one door, other than that its ten times the car my old Carina was. Anyhow, Ive added a pic of the new car and i look forwards to re-posting in the Carina section again very soon. Del.
  3. no problem. Let us all know how you get on once you have fitted it.
  4. i had same problem,turned out to be a kinked pipe under the washer bottle.took 30 seconds to fix.2 screws hold washer bottle in,remove them,lift the bottle up,untangle the tubes and re fit is reverse of removal,everything is still working on mine and that was 3 month ago....
  5. L reg 84? Do you mean L reg 1994? if you do then try this on ebay,its only £3 plus £3 post.worth a try?
  6. sorry should have mentioned,ive done that already,basically,the tyres are like new all round,the air pressures are good,the wheels are not buckled or anything,the tracking has been checked 3 times and is bang on,new lower ball joints fitted this morning,and no un towards noises from front end which if you ask me eliminates any suspension components failing? ruins a great ride it does.....
  7. got them replaced,had tracking re done,still pulling to the left???
  8. Ok,my Carina E (1.8 lean burn) is pulling to the left.I just assumed it would be either incorrect air pressure or the tracking been out so had both checked at 2 different garages and they can confirm the tyre pressures are good,and the tracking is 100% perfect. the tyres are like new,the wheels are not buckled or damaged.i did swap the 2 front tyres around to see if the problem persisted and it still pulls to the left. I had a look at the last MOT certificate and it did state that the nearside lower ball joint had slight play in it so ive checked the ball joint and it does have some play.I am now thinking that this is what is causing the pulling and the 2 garages have both said the same thing. My question is do you change the lower ball joint on a Carina E? i have plenty of tools and some mechanical knowledge.i do not have a pickle fork/ball joint separator but could buy one no problem.The ball joint is available on ebay for around £10-£20 but i would be changing both lower ball joints on each side just as a matter of caution. Is this something i can do myself? if some one could explain what steps i should take to change the lower ball joints i would be very much appreciative. Thanks in advance.
  9. i know the 1.8 7AFE engine does not have one but not sure about the 1.8 vvti?
  10. It is without a doubt one of your injectors.test the resitance of them with a multimeter of have some one do it for you.New injectors are around £100 to £150 each and over £200 from mr toyota so go 2nd hand from ebay/scrap yeard for around £30 to £50.they will be blue injectors.easy as pie to change your self at home or budget no more than 15 mins labour at a garage to do the work.
  11. fuel filter made no difference on mine either (although it was very dirty) i fiited a second hand injector to mine and it cured the problem.takes about 5 mins to change.good luck.
  12. 24 hours later and still going good.....
  13. the 2nd hand fuel injector arrived today (very quick delivery),like a kid on christmas eve i dash out to the car and fit it. 10 mins later when fitted,i fire the car up,take for a good spin and low and behold............... the missfire has GONE! Lets hope this injector lasts a while.No saying with 2nd hand goods but hopefully it will last a good while. i hope this post helps other people out with similar problems. Thanks for all help everyone who commented.
  14. just ordered a 2nd hand injector of ebay for £30 with free post,so hopefully when it arrives in next couple of days or so,ill fit it and the missfire will be gone.i will post back when i have a update.
  15. Still no improvement on the missfire as of injectors are £100+ each so looks like a scrounge around scrappy is in order.