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  1. big u

    Exhaust Backbox

    hi all i have recently replaced my backbox on corrola verso 2003 and sounds like a boy racer big bore which i do not want it was a straight swap from grays exhaust centre they said it will quieter in time which thought was b####s any ideas??????
  2. big u

    Cv Joints

    thank you its very helpfull
  3. big u

    Cv Joints

    hi all i have a corolla verso 1.8 t spirit 2003 brillant car but recently there is a clicking noise everytime i lock the wheels right or left i assume its the cv joints but the dealer said i need to replace the driveshaft at £500 a side yeah right forget that can anyone suggest where i can get replacement parts apart from dealer?
  4. help i need to find some cv joints for my corolla verso 1.8 2003 without being ripped off by the main dealer
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums big u :)