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  1. Hi folks, I picked up my new to me corolla t sport on Thursday and im well happy with it. The only bug bearer i have with it is the reverse buzzer. Is there any way that I can make it beep just the once to let me know im in reverse, instead of the whole time im in reverse gear. Any help would be great. Gav Another question I was going to ask is where is the best place to buy parts from in the UK, for items such as clutches etc...
  2. To be honest i would get your head well and trully into the engine bay and do some good routing around to try and find the leak, Not just looking get in there with an inspection mirror and a torch. The last thing you want is for you engine to over heat whilst in traffic one day and you havent got a bottle of spare water to hand as it can then cause some more serious damage to the engine. I know these selants are pretty good but if you worked in a submarine and you had a small crack in the hull you would'nt just put some glue over it to solve the leak. I had a very simular problem on my supra where it had a small crack in the plastic top on the radiator, I drove 120 miles back from nottingham and the second i got the car on the drive the top of the rad blew off covering my engine bay in coolant which was a bi**h to clean up. I would have been up s**t creek if it hapened to me on the motorway, and i used rad weld initially. So im just letting you know from experience. Gav
  3. Just thought i would pop my haed in and say hi. Im picking up my corolla T-Sport this thursday 2004 model. Im looking forward to it. Im not new to toyota's, Ive currently got a MKIV supra TT sat on my driveway awaiting a new engine and rework, so I have owned that since 2007. Tho corolla is to replace my G40 powered polo breadvan, as its been letting me down recently so ill be due some uninterupted motering miles which will be nice. I will get some pics up once i pick the car up. Any way im sure I will be on here quite alot so ill speak to you all soon enough. Gav
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums gavin.starr :)