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  1. I had a full brake fluid change on the aygo last week. I have since been and purchased a new yaris as could not afford to keep fixing it for the brakes to do the same thing less than a week later. My aygo has been very good to me over the 6 years and I have enjoyed driving it. I was starting to not feel safe driving it even when it had been fixed. Hopefully my new yaris will be as good to me! Thanks for all the advice.
  2. Hello, I am new to this forum. I just wondered if anyone could give me any advice or have had the same problem as I have. I have had my Aygo + for over 5 years recently I have had a problem with my brakes. They keep going spongy and it feels like the car runs away with it's self. I took it to my local garage who replaced the Brake pads and Disks. A week later I had the same problem so I took it back into them and they did a full brake check and couldn't find anything wrong. I also got them to replace the brake fluid. Yet another week later I have the same problem. When I press the brakes i have to take my foot off and put it back on to make the car slow down or to press the brake right to the floor for it to slow down. I hope someone can help with this problem. Thank you in advance
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums kimdel17 :)