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  1. I am trying to get a replacement part for a Toyota Surf 3 litre TD , M reg. It has been losing power under throttle and engine management ight comes on, but as you lift and coast the light goes out and power returns. Local garage diagnosed code 14 which they say is a solenoid valve for the fuel pump. They can get a fuel pump from toyota but its hugely expensive, so I'm trying to get the part myself for them to fit. Can anyone help please on where I might be able to get this thing and what specifically it is that I might be looking for. I contacted Roughtrax and they couldn't help, nor could Milner OffRoad but they reckoned it would be really easy to get. If I can't get a Toyota one, will anything else work?
  2. 3 litre M reg toyota surf losing power under throttle. Engine management light shows. Lift throttle and coast - light goes out, power returns. Have been told it is code 14 (or R14) error , which is control valve (or solenoid valve) for fuel pump. Does anyone know where I can get one please? Or if there is an alternative that will work just as well. Surrey area. Thanks
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums Karry :)