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  1. Hi Guys, looking for some advice on the on going problem I have with the Avensis display unit on my 55 plate Avensis 1.8 Screen information constantly changing, data breaking down, can be back to front, half screen at times,then shuts down and restarts, normal information for a few miles then fault reappearing. Have posted recently about the indicators not self cancelling, avice from you guys was helpful but finding an auto electrician willing to fit a louder indicator buzzer has proven very difficult, still no further forward. Any advice would be appreciated tribiani
  2. Guys, I have a Toyota Avensis 55 plate, only had it acouple of months, nice car but situations arising regarding indicators not self cancelling, garage fitted a new indicator stalk with little or no effect. Contacted an auto electrician to ask if they could fit an audible warning signal, the current one you cannot hear, they say that you cannot fit an audible warning to the toyota other than the one currently on the car. any suggestions would help. thanks, jim
  3. Just thought I would say Hi Guys, have just registered, my first Toyota, not new, 2005 Avensis, lovely to drive, not sure what the forum has to offer as yet but I am sure it can only benefit being a memeber. Had a Rover 75 for the last 3 tears,again lovely to drive but so mechanically unreliable,engines in the 1800 range are rubbish, hence the move to Toyota, we have two children with special needs, one of whom has to live away from home, I visit him every week, a round trip of 120 miles, need a reliable car hence the Toyota.
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