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  1. These wheels are now for sale on ebay. Please click on link. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=221996003649&globalID=EBAY-GB&alt=web
  2. These wheels are now for sale on ebay. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=221996003649&globalID=EBAY-GB&alt=web
  3. See for sale forum. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?/topic/171307-Toyota-Iq2-15"-6-Spoke-Alloy-Wheels-X-4
  4. I am selling 4 x Toyota IQ2 15" 6 spoke alloy wheels (ET45). These are the wheels with graphite mirror finish so are ideal as replacements for a worn set or to upgrade from IQ1 wheels. They have come off my 2014 IQ2 having covered only 4000 miles as I bought other wheels. 3 of the 4 wheels are as new and unmarked. Only one has a slight kerb mark that has been touched up with matching paint that I will include in sale. All wheel weights intact. Wheel centre caps NOT included They are currently stored in boxes and can be collected from Ware in Hertfordshire 7 miles from J25 of M25. I want £230
  5. I had my interior light upgraded and new rear lights put in by Tarquin earlier in the year. Great job. See attached link for pics. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?/topic/169380-Upgraded-Upgraded-Interior-Lights-By-Tarquin
  6. Wanted to change my IQ wipers but didn't want to pay Mr T prices and couldn't be bothered to fiddle about and change just the rubbers. Went into local car spares shop, https://www.carspares.co.uk/ and got what I thought would be a patent pair. Was supplied with Denso wipers which turns out are an exact like for like replacement of OEM. Total cost £21.96. Fitted in two minutes.
  7. Thanks. Do Toyota sell the blade refills?
  8. Any recommendations on good quality aftermarket windscreen wipers for the IQ. Ideally want them to look like the original ones. Anyone actually bought wipers from Toyota, we're they expensive?
  9. Just posted a link to an eBay listing I've just seen for 4 as new 175/60 16 tyres to fit IQ3 on ebay finds page. Look an absolute snip for what can be a dear tyre.
  10. Bet the street lighting is good....
  11. en8wall

    Terminator Iq

    Mine is in a similar vain
  12. en8wall

    A Full Iq

    4 up in the IQ today. Daughter in front and neice and nephew in the back. The kids love going in the back of IQ as they see it as different. My nephew said "I'm going in the boot"
  13. en8wall

    Dab Radio

    I'm sure radio x is on fm too. I get it on 104.9fm
  14. en8wall

    A Full Iq

    Picked my daughter and neice up from school tonight along with all their many bags and coats.....filled my IQ right up. They thought it was fun.
  15. Looks good. Could I ask what it cost to have them fitted?
  16. en8wall

    Unique Mod?

    Just given mine a polish and blacked the tyres. Pleased with the look now. Mods on my IQ2 are: Parrot 9000 bluetooth Luggage area reversible cover Glovebag IQ lower side stripes Front mudflaps Wrapped black door mirrors. Toyota Sirius alloy wheels in satin black. Upgraded dome light and dome lights in rear. 2 badge on rear.
  17. Nope, no affect on battery at all. Tarquin upgrades unit completely, including resistors and bulb location, watched him do mine. Clever guy.
  18. It unclipped so easily it's frightening. Simply slip thin object between roof lining and right hand side of light and it lifts off. Couldn't believe it was so simple.
  19. He can send it to you by post....takes two mins to fit.
  20. It's really worth while having the interior light upgraded, message Tarquin for details. Very easy upgrade. The door mirrors aren't painted black...i had my white ones wrapped in gloss black by vehicle wrapper. Gives me the option of peeling it off if I want at a later date.
  21. Like many on here I've bemoaned the shockingly bad interior lighting on the IQ. This weekend Tarquin (David) paid me a visit to work his wonders on my IQ2 lighting. I opted for the upgraded front dome and also rear LED lights in the headlining but I believe I'm the first along with David to have new mini dome LED'S he has discovered that screw into the roof lining rather than LEDs being stuck on. Without over doing the outcome, the results are simply astounding. The difference in lighting is total....the car lights up like a football floodlight has been put in the roof (slight exaggeratio
  22. I'd be interested in any braking improvements people are aware of as I do think they're a weak spot on the car.
  23. On many occasions I've carried shopping bags on the passenger's seat only for the seatbelt alarm to go off once I pull away due to the weight tricking the sensor that someone is sitting on the seat. I've found an ingenious and cheap solution on ebay for £1.98. See attached pictures, they are of very high quality and solve the bleeping. Obviously if someone is actually sitting on the seat then the belt must be worn.
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