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  1. I collect my Corolla Touring in a couple of weeks, does this protection still only apply to Auris and Prius or is there a Catloc now available for the Corolla? Thanks
  2. I'm in the process of ordering a new 2020 1.8 Corolla Touring Design, can I assume the car will have the latest update fitted during the build? I'm expecting a delivery date of some time in April. Thanks
  3. Had my 1.8 cvt nearly 4 years now and always used an independent garage for the routine servicing, mainly for convenience, and all has been well. Just coming up to 40k and see the CVT transmission needs a check? Is it time to change the fluid, is this specialist work or run of the mill servicing. I fully understand Toyota fluid should be used but don't know why as many manufacturers promote their CVT Fluid? If anyone has gone through this exercise I'd be grateful to hear opinions/experiences. Thanks
  4. I've got the same vehicle, 2013, and have always used an independent who have been great. Had a couple of warranty claims sorted by Toyota without any issue. I'm just about to post a query regarding the CVT transmission as I understand it's a little complex, or is It? Good luck with you motor, I think mine is the Mutts Nuts!
  5. Ok, problem solved. The Auris ICON came with a jack, wheel brace, liquid goo sealer and mini compressor. There's space for a FS Steel spare so I've purchased this: £42, although now seems to have changed to £51, delivered so all looks promising. The only decision now is do I go for budget or mid range tyre as the spare as it'll only be used in emergencies so probably sit in the car for the duration of ownership. If I hit any obstacles I'll update the same. Thanks for the input, it's appreciated.
  6. I'm coming around to the opinion I should find a secondhand full size steel wheel with the right offset and fit a half decent tyre. Finding a jack and wheel brace should be straight forward along with some modification/adjustment to the boot floor to accommodate the wheel. If anyone has completed this task then I'd welcome your input. I'll wait until she gets the car then research the steel wheel specs. Hopefully on from an Avensis will be OK as they are plentiful? I'll keep you posted! Thanks
  7. Thanks, do you have the Toyota Part Number/s?
  8. HI My daughter is collecting a 2013 1.6 Auris Icon next week and, as you will know, there is no spare wheel which is just fine and dandy if you don't get a puncture. Experiencing a none fixable puncture at the road side travelling top an appointment is no joke if the liquid solution fails. Even worst is having one on a Sunday afternoon on the way to the ferry, don't ask, is even more entertaining. I think we are all aware that the trend to remove spare wheels is not to save fuel but to save cost at the point of manufacture. Anyway, at the very least I want her to have a spare wheel, even if it's only a money, I mean Spacesaver. Before I go out and buy one from Mr T does anyone know if Spacesavers are universal or are there one specific for each car? If I have to buy one I will but there must be dozens out there looking for a home. Any opinions or advice will be gratefully received. Thanks
  9. Hi Denis I'll have them provided they will fit a 2013 Avensis Tourer. Do you have a PayPal account ? If not PM me with your bank account details and I'll complete a transfer. Alternatively PM with a mobile phone number and I'll call you. Thanks Paul R
  10. Thank you for the response, really appreciated. Completed the wiring yesterday with the exception of the fog light signal cable as I could not push out the connector from the plug, it appears you need a special tool. I was going to make one from a Jeweler's screwdriver, or try anyway but ran out of time. Regarding cutting the cable, SB - Sky Blue in my case, according to the Toyota Instructions and not green, I was a bit unsure incase it was part of the Canbus system? I presume that in cutting the cable you just made two soldered connections and insulated them with heat shrink tubing? I've use the trailer without the fog light facility yesterday and all was OK. I totally agree with you regarding the kit, bit of a joke having to run 12v supply from the front of the car. A simple plug in system would be much easier. That said I'm impressed with the build quality and I base that on my last three premium German brands! Thanks again
  11. Hi Just about to go through this exercise, did you: receive any response to your query? was it all straight forward use a genuine Toyota or pattern wiring kit? Thanks
  12. Hi Has anyone fitted these to a 2013 Avensis Tourer? Example Did they make a difference when travelling with the windows open? Which type did you fit and why? Can you recommend a supplier? Many thanks
  13. As stated, Toyota say every two years and the dealers just follow this instruction. A ex Master Tech from another well know Japanese brand states he test the fluid for moister content before changing. This can be done with a basic multimeter, google it. Most main stream dealers wouldn't bother as it's a revenue stream regardless of the condition of the fluid. So the choice is yours, go with two years or keep testing it! For me I think I'll keep testing it but probably have it changed at say 4/5 years even if it tests out OK.
  14. Hi Purchased my, pre registered, T27 1.8 TR Tourer about 11 months ago and am delighted with same. Like you I previously ran all the premium German brands over the years which were not trouble free but were very good to drive. On retiring I decided not to use my hard earned cash/pension for the likes of BMW, Merc, Audi etc so after much consideration opted for the Toyota. To date I've been delighted and satisfied with the switch to the petrol option. Regarding the EPB mine has been fine and can only think that there are many that are trouble free. That said I would not be too amused to fork out £1500 to fix it after the 5 year warranty expires. Nice car