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  1. I think you may be looking at the US Domestic market, USDM, instead of the European Domestic Market, EUDM? Heres where I found the information, on the same WS as yourself: https://www.wheel-size.com/size/toyota/corolla/2020/ https://www.wheel-size.com/size/toyota/auris/2013/ Regarding insurance, I've already spoken to my provider who see fitting of WTs as a positive and as as long as the ET offset is within acceptable parameters they have no issue. Actually fitting a wheel with an offset with 5mm variance is seen as minimal in the industry, so I'm told but I want to se
  2. Not sure if anyone is an expert on the above but I have a 2020 1.8 Design ST which I'd like to fit with winter tyres on steel rims and to that end I have a set of wheels and WTs from my daughter's, now sold, Auris so would like to know if there is any variance in a specified ET Offset allowable? The Corolla specifies and wheel size/s of: Toyota Corolla 2020 1.8 – Generation: X (E210) [2018 .. 2021] – Market: EUDM – Power: 121 hp | 90 kW | 122 PS – Engine: 2ZR-FXE, I4, Hybrid – Options: Comfort, Busin
  3. Thanks Bob, looks interesting. As car is in warranty I think I'll inquire with Mr T tomorrow
  4. Hi Yes I should have enquired when I bought my TS. Has anyone retrofitted a, flat pad, wireless charger to their Corolla? Tried browsing the net for a geniune Toyota Accessory but an after market one would surfice although there appears to be some rubbish around that give reliability problems. Thanks for any opinions/feedback
  5. Ordered mine in Jan for April delivery but C19 delayed it until 21 June. Definitely worth the weight, silky smooth!
  6. In the process of fitting S Saver spare wheel along with additional items in my 2020 Corolla ST and it all seems straight forward. Please post pictures of the problem as I'm sure some one here will assist you.
  7. Hi All Off to collect my new Corolla Design TS in a few days so am currently looking for a Front and Rear Dash Cam solution but am picking up noise concerning DAB Radio problems from the rear camera? Some users fit ferrite rings on rear camera cable with variable success so am looking for some advice please? Many thanks, stay safe!
  8. Hi Rafletcher Really useful posting and thanks to those who've contributed. I collect my Corolla Design Sports Touring towards the end of this month and fully intend to ditch the TRK and install a space saver along with the other items detailed above however I have a couple of questions if you can assisted me please? I picked up that your car is a 2.0L so the battery is in the boot, mines a 1.8 so it will be mounted in the engine bay, Can you confirm if your car is the Hatch Back or the Touring model please? Secondly, I have access to an unused Space Saver from an Auris, my
  9. Hi KC, Don't know yet but suspect Space Saver will fit and full size steel would require a raised floor. As soon as I've modified the car I'll post pics.
  10. Hoping to collect my new Corolla Touring Design towards the end of June. Car comes with TRK as there is no SS spare wheel option on the Design configuration for some reason. Anyway, I fully intend to obtain a Toyota SS wheel from Fleabay or a steel wheel along with a genuine Toyota jack and reconfigure the boot myself. I went through the same exercise with my wife's Civic fabricating a new wheel cover, using automotive carpeting available online. The reason for going through this painful exercise was due to a colleague of mine, with his family, being stranded in France on a Saturday after
  11. Hi Kabaddi 1.8 CVT Auto
  12. Hi kabaddi, Just past on my 2013 T27 TR Tourer Petrol Auto on to my daughter after 7 years and 70+k of trouble free motoring. Don't believe anything negative press you read in various publications about the Avensis being a dull car and lacking performance etc. The car is very well screwed together, smooth to drive, very comfortable with, above all, bullet proof reliability. If I wanted a car to drive like an idiot I would not have bought an Avensis so the various motoring journalists need to look at the real world and recognise an Avensis type of car is probably what 90% of motoring
  13. Could not agree more Timmon. Likewise before retiring I've owned and driven all the "Quality" German brands, lovely cars that they are to drive but everyone cost me serious money not long out of warranty. On occasion goodwill was offered but I still was not really happy bearing in mind the premium that was paid. Compared to 2 Honda Accords, 2ltr pertrol 130k, 2.2 Diesel 170k, no problems. Fast forward to retirement when I purchased an Avensis TR Touring 1.8 petrol. 7 years on and not a squeak or rattle, just routine servicing. My daughter has bought it, loose term, and I'm awaiting m
  14. Great see positive news. Are you all aware of the public visits available at the Burnaston plant? I attended one last year and can honestly say it was fascinating and extremely informative. One can not leave the plant without total confidence in Toyota. I hope the plant reopens soon as I'm waiting for my new Corolla Sports Touring having sold my old Toyota weeks ago before Covid 19 erupted crashing the world economies. Stay well
  15. Hi In the same boat, waiting for my car that was due to be delivered early April. Ironically, after the factory was shut MyT sent me a status change say my car was now in the build process so maybe the robots are still working without the staff, who knows? To be honest the delay in getting another car, when faced with Covid is an insignificant issue even though I sold, loose term, my old Toyota to my daughter some weeks ago so am stuck without my own transport. I've spoken to the Toyota agent who has said any financial agreements will be honoured so it's not all bad news. S
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