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  1. German press showing the new Rav, click the link or cut and paste for pictures; http://www.autobild.de/bilder/toyota-rav4-los-angeles-auto-show-2012-3728386.html#bild4|ref=http://www.autobild.de/artikel/toyota-rav4-los-angeles-auto-show-2012-3728078.html
  2. Pulled the fuse and re-inserted it, so far so good and the satnav seems to be working as well... fingers crossed.
  3. Point taken, I may have to though, it just won't switch off.
  4. Hi again, Has anyone experienced the satnav and radio just not reponding to any adjustments and not switching off when you exit the car? Had the radio on and everything just froze... thinking about taking out the fuse but wonder if there is a reboot or something that can be done? Appreciate any help! Gordon
  5. Thanks for the responses folks, appreciated.
  6. Can anyone help with a couple of questions on the SAT Nav on my Rav T180; 1. Can't find any reference to the satnav controls in the handbook, is there a separate book for it? 2.I don't have a CD for the Sat Nav with the car, I guess there should be one? 3.How can I update the maps? Thanks in advance...
  7. Hi again all, seems like a can of worms indeed... Big Kev, tried to send you a PM but there is more than one Big Kev... which one are you? goho51
  8. Thanks again, I had a long chat with the local Toyota dealer and am happy with the response, nice idea these runflats but sounds like a right faff when you have a problem
  9. Thanks all of you, found the cd drive behind the satnav as you mentioned.. I had the dealer fit new tyres and inners before I bought the Rav... the runflats of course which could only be fitted at Toyota according to the dealer at great expense... is there a need for the ' puncture repair kit' still to be carried? I had a long discussion with the fitter who felt it was not needed as the tyre walls would brace the wheel until it could changed.. seems odd to me, I thought you would have to use the kit and then drive, probably very carefully to the nearest Toyota dealer.... I am trying to get the dealer to supply the handbook so I will wait a bit, thanks for the offer to send me your though! I've been in other forums over the years but have never felt so welcome before... thanks again goho51
  10. Thanks very much for the welcome and prompt reply... awesome! The dealer is looking to get me a manual, not received yet.. do you also know how to load a cd or where the drive is? Best goho51
  11. Hi all Just traded my Prius for a Rav4 T180, as I live up in the Pennines and the Prius was/is not much good in bad weather. Its a nice 06 model with everything working well... so far. Any tips or info welcome. Thanks goho51
  12. Hi everyone Just joined today after having traded my Prius for T180. On the keyless entry switch i am getting a low battery sign on the dash, how easy to replace and how to get one? Be good to hear from you all. goho51
  13. Welcome to the Toyota forums goho51 :)