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  1. Hi, its the mk1 so 1999 -2005. Mine is a 2002 though. I thought I had it but unfortunately not.
  2. Hi all, been trying to find the 1.0itre engine workshop manual for the 1SZ. I found the body manual no probs but not the engine. Anyone have a link for the manual?
  3. i have the same issue... and i have noticed something people with cars over 2002 dont seem to have any problems with the programming.... those that are 1999-2002 do. mine is a 2000 and i have tried every method around without sucess. there is a guy on another forum that claims to have the correct procedure but will not give it out.... i suspect he is a wind up merchant or just full of it.
  4. sorted mine, i took the handbrake console out and greased all limkage points and the "ball cup" that the gear stick sits in, also lubricated the rods/cables and the eye ends in the engine bay. silky smooth now.
  5. sorry to bump up such an old post but i have the same problem as the poster above.... i do not get any confirmation after a single ign on / off. anyone been able to reprogramme a replacement key on the older type of yaris? they have the rika tokai type chips.
  6. if its a quiet noise it may be the pedal linkage, if its loud then its the clutch release bearing. For the greasing its not a case of reacting with the fluid - the cylinder is sealed so contact is not an issue, its more an issue that incorrect grease may effect the seals and cause them to swell or break down.
  7. hi all, I have noticed that the fuel trip meter always resets to zero every time the ignition is switched off..... I thought it would have taken an average reading until it was reset?? its a 2001 BTW. owners manual doesnt mention anything about this
  8. after some ebay searching i managed to find some ebay keys that have the older tokai chip ( the grey one with a clear battery cover) i bought 1 last night for £15 and a blank key casing and blade for £4 ill try programming the chip when it arrives and provide feedback. for anyone that has added a second key to the car can you give me a quick run down of how you did it.. did you have to do the rewrite/confirmation thing??
  9. Remember the aircon has to be used through the complete year to keep the system operative, switch it on for minimum 15 mins every few weeks, even in winter. also remember aircon isnt just cold air, you can still have hot air and air con is a major benefit in winter as it demists the glass very quickly - use with "fresh mode"
  10. that would be good, thanks for that. i have found a few keys on fleabay that i suspect have tokai chips so waiting to hear back from the sellers in the meantime
  11. yep the dealer can do it but im not going to pay £230 !! i tried a CE2013 chip but it doesnt programme... or im doing it wrong! however with the reprogramme procedure the confirmation from the car where it locks and unlocks the doors it always 1 more than my selection on the ignition. i am assuming that when reprogamming a used chip you need to do it in 3 stages.... rewrite, add and then confirm? or is it just rewrite?
  12. careful... if icompare the spec list on parkers for a T-spirit and my sol its quite different..... no front fogs, no alloy wheels, no sunroof, no audio remote and no side airbags first registed in 2002 , so maybe the parkers list is for the later 2004-2005 models.
  13. how is the gear change? mine is a bit notchy or resistance felt in the lever - i suspect its the linkage mechanism / box that the cables connect to under the console.
  14. yaris sol is a european version, i have one. no idea of the UK version though. thought about contacting toyota directly?
  15. hello all, long time lurker, first time poster and looking for some advise... recently bough a 2000 yaris with only 30K miles on it ! it only came with 1 master key ( 2 buttons) and I want to make another key. i believe i can do this by buying a blank key from ebay and then buying a used key also from ebay and re programming the key. what do i need to look for on a used key to get the correct transmitter? i have seen lots of valeo versions but my key has CE 0122 back is this the model type? searching on the net doesnt give many hits with that - the transmitter inside the key deosnt have any numbers on it. would a CE0123 work? thanks for any tips or advice you may ive. thanks in advance rob
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