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  1. HI car Engine does not start battery fully charged low on oil, oil lights show on dashboard. Checked everything, purchased some oil for her, tyre inflator as tyres getting low & some screenwash. We think the reason for her not to start could be due to low oil but if anyone has any advice would be much appreciated. We purchased the items from Halfords as they had a 30 precent deal on and saved quite a bit. Hope everyones ok?
  2. HI We hadnt played our pc for awhile now. But it was previously connected to the Tv it doesnt have a monitor connection & now doesnt seem to be working. We tried a hdmi connector box still didnt work. It picked up on the blu ray player & the Ps3 but not the pc & was working fine before. Can anyone tell us where we have gone wrong. Is It because our tv does not have a monitor? It should be able to just plug in to the tv without one. Please help.
  3. Hi Im sorry i do not know, hope you get it sorted out...
  4. HI There, yes we are looking around for some new tyres, hoping get a good price for them. Do you know if there is a Haynes manual for the Toyota Supra? We have been looking but not found one yet. Good news about the tyres bet you were really chuffed. :)
  5. Does it cover the Mk4 as well ? it would be good if it does. cheers.
  6. HI Paul, It does doesnt it ?, Thanks.
  7. HI Uncle Buck, As far as we know the cambelt is fine but i guess theres no harm in checking it out. I struggle with Manual although i am learning to drive with Manual. Which then means if i pass using Manual i will be able drive any car Auto or Manual. We have seen some headlights on one of the websites for £97.00 you can get them cheaper if you shop around. My dad says the break discs will clean up by themselves once the car is on the road. Main thing is getting the tyres done over the next year. They are a lot cheaper too than what we expected. We expected them to be around the £600 mark. But our garage guy can get them at a £100 each. So we are pleased with the outcome. Driving lessons start for both of us on the 13th August a week tomorrow.
  8. Had new intercom fitted today. Its great!
  9. Had retest for car today it passed. A few advisorys to be done over the next year before shes on the road is the tyres need replacing but are still legal, also the headlight needs replacing too. Not too bad i dont think. Found a lady who is a driver instructor who used to work for bsm. Gonna call her in a couple of weeks & my partner got his information come through for dvla and under section 18 he is fit to drive. Cannot wait. Hope everyone is well?
  10. HI James, The money we saved on the desktop we decided to go for the TacticX keyboard was only £59.00 from Dell. We hope so too that it will give us a better service. He is waiting to finish downloading Lotro which is Lord Of The Rings. Do you play any online games?
  11. Update on Intercom, new intercom arrived today hopefully to have it fitted by the end of next week. Electrician is going to call us on Monday hopefully to arrange time and day.
  12. HI James, Desktop arrived today. Have set it all up. Its amazing. Here are the pictures as promised.
  13. Update on Byron Intercom. We had a electrician come round have a look at it for us. He couldnt understand why it stopped working just like that. He feels that it could have happened when the electric tripped. So that may have had some connection to it. He suggested it would be best to buy a new one. He suggested the touch screen ones so we have been looking online and now we are waiting for it to come into the post. I cannot wait.
  14. No Not at all,Could have been worse. Retest for m.o.t in ten days.....
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